Update your hiring strategy with these tips

The coronavirus pandemic flipped the employment market on its head and created unique challenges for both employers and workers, as companies navigate evolving public health guidelines. 

To navigate uncertainty, especially as the U.S. economy begins to recover and employers embark on “The Great Rehire”, you’ll need a new process for recruiting and hiring workers as millions of people apply for jobs. Now is the time to update your hiring strategy and find the employees you need. 

Integrate your systems to improve candidate experience and give your team a break 

Candidates are – understandably – in “spray and pray” mode. With unemployment hovering around 11 percent, workers are looking for any opportunity available. This means your team is likely fielding an increased number of applications, with no guarantee the candidates are qualified and potentially leading to a poor experience on either side of the equation. Building a diverse candidate pipeline with multiple vendors and systems leaks time, money and talent. And now, with millions of Americans unemployed, you and your team need smarter, more efficient tools to hire the best candidates. Utilizing an integrated talent acquisition system will lead to a better experience for your own recruiting team – and for candidates. 

Data and automation should be integral to your strategy 

Do you know the median salary in the region where you’re recruiting? What about demographic make-up or the number of candidates available with the experience you need? Market data should be standard in your recruitment process to keep ahead of the competition, especially as work environments are rapidly evolving. Use data to find candidates – then automatically match and communicate with them through your HR platforms. These behind-the-scenes automations and insights are key drivers of a successful talent network and pipeline, helping you understand who is interested in and engaged with your company. 

Let your culture speak for itself 

Now is the best time to focus on your corporate culture, whether you’re now hiring or preparing for when it’s time to re-hire. Investing in your employer brand and leveraging tools like employee referral programs can help you build stronger teams. And don’t forget to improve your company career site, as it’s usually one of the first opportunities for a candidate to interact with your company. Make it accessible, easy to use, engaging and reflective of your culture. Celebrate your team – internally and externally – and showcase what makes your employer brand special to make sure potential candidates stay interested until positions become available.  


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