CareerBuilder Talent Discovery: Say Goodbye to Mundane Tasks and Hello to Efficiency


Are you accustomed to using a plethora of resources to recruit the right candidates? Our research shows that the average employer spends around five hours logging in and out of systems to source candidates to fill one job. Think about what that means if you have 10 or more open requisitions.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the next level in candidate sourcing: CareerBuilder Talent Discovery, a platform that combines the best of CareerBuilder’s recruiting solutions in ONE place where you can do everything — yes, everything — you need to do.

That includes planning and aligning expectations with hiring managers; matching the right candidates to the right jobs; searching your candidate data in ONE place, and engaging candidates who would be most likely to respond.

Optimize Your Recruiting Workflow
CareerBuilder Talent Discovery has all of the components to make you successful — while giving you time back in your day. If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, Talent Discovery can help solve your recruitment headaches.

  • Is your candidate data disconnected? Do you spend a lot of time switching between databases, often reviewing the same candidate or missing critical talent that has expressed interested in your company before?
  • Do you lack labor market data to accurately target the right talent? Do you find yourself having to revisit postings to update information or change salary requirements?
  • Do you have a less-than-stellar relationship with your hiring manager? Do you want to make sure you have the information you need to set expectations and be aligned right from the start?
  • Once you identify relevant candidates, do you have no way of directly communicating with them? Does their personal email address prevent you from tracking their interaction? 

With Talent Discovery, you’ll have access to more than 125 million CareerBuilder candidates from our Resume Database with aggregated social profiles as well as all of your previously acquired candidates from CareerBuilder recruiting products such as Talent Network and Job Advertising. We’ve also enhanced the ability for you to import your ATS records, see the status of each candidate, and export back into your ATS.

All of these candidates are available in a single, streamlined interface that leverages the latest in semantic search that’s powered by machine learning, which means the system will understand what you MEAN and not just what you type. More than one third (36 percent) of HR managers say that one of the biggest time wasters in their day is seeing candidate search results that don’t match the context of what they are looking for.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
With CareerBuilder Talent Discovery, you’ll have:

  • Access to data to strengthen your targeting: Our recently upgraded Supply & Demand portal provides real-time labor market data on specific positions in any particular market, helping you be an expert on any requisition that comes across your desk.
  • Technology to help you get aligned with your hiring manager: Our first-to-market intake tool helps you conduct those critical, pre-sourcing intake meetings with your hiring manager to ensure you are both aligned with the needs of the position and the plan for finding the right person.
  • All of the candidates you need to find the right person: Search candidates unique to your company alongside 150 million candidate profiles from CareerBuilder.
  • Email campaign tools to quickly engage potential talent: You’ll have the ability to create professional email campaigns to communicate with talent you want to continue to engage with. The best part is you’ll have access to analytics to understand how your campaigns are performing — including a deep dive of exactly who took action on your emails. Following up has never been easier.  



To learn more about Talent Discovery, explore the product page or reach out to your sales representative. 

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