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In an effort to share the stories of the CareerBuilder employees who are hard at work #BuildingForYou, we continue our employee feature series, from celebrating individuality and lending personal experience to their insight on industry trends and everything in between. 

Meet Alli Kreidell, a member of our Client Success team in Georgia. Alli first joined  CareerBuilder in 2011 as a Client Support Specialist and is part of a unique community we call Boomerangs – a group of employees who left and returned because they missed us too much. After taking a break in 2018 to raise her family, Alli returned to a team she loves. Keep reading to learn more about what motivates her, why she came back to CareerBuilder and the life lesson she learned from her first job. 

What do you enjoy most about working at CareerBuilder?   

It comes down to my daily interactions with our clients. Considering everything that has happened over the last 18 months, CareerBuilder’s work is more important than ever. Our continued effort to connect people to their next jobs and to help clients find the right candidates is meaningful work.   

What is the coolest thing you are currently working on?   

I love bringing data to my clients! When my team found an increase in candidates from a different industry applying to jobs, likely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we kicked off targeted hiring campaigns to reach the right job seekers. That is just another example of how we are connecting job seekers with their next opportunity.   

Why did you return to CareerBuilder?    

I took a couple of years off to raise my children, and when I decided to return to the workforce, I wanted to find meaningful work. As I was interviewing at other companies, I kept being pulled back to CareerBuilder. Regardless of the position you have at this company, the end goal is the same – we help people find their next job and grow in their careers. Professionally, CareerBuilder has given me opportunities to be creative, solve problems and evolve. Regardless of your job title, if you have an idea or solution, our leadership wants to hear from you.   

What was your first job, and what were your biggest takeaways from the experience?   

At 15, I worked for Six Flags as a Birthday Party Attendant. I would serve pizza, sing happy birthday and slice cake about ten times a day. During this time, I learned that work is always more fun with good colleagues and to always serve the birthday kid first.  

Who inspires you and why?    

My husband because he challenges me to be better than I was yesterday. We’re total opposites, and our strengths and weaknesses complement each other very well. We learn from each other and are great partners when it comes to managing our house, lives, and future.   

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