On-Demand Webinar: What Employers Should Know Before Considering Arrests and Pending Charges

Mary Lorenz

One of the biggest reasons employers conduct background checks is to maintain a safe work environment by identifying applicants prone to unacceptable workplace behavior. At the same time, however, using a candidate’s criminal history to make employment decisions could violate certain rules and regulations set forth by the EEOC.

In this on-demand webinar, employment law experts Pamela Devata and Courtney Stieber discuss the implications of considering arrests and pending cases in light of ban the box regulations and other local and state laws. They also cover the EEOC’s guidance on arrests and pending charges, and review best practices when considering pending cases in employment decisions.

Hosted by:

Pamela Q. Devata, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Courtney Stieber, Associate at Seyfarth Shaw LLP

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