May 2023 product highlights that benefit you

May 2023 product highlights that benefit you

Our clients are important to us. That’s why CareerBuilder keeps you top of mind when creating cost-effective solutions that will give your jobs and brand the maximum amount of exposure so that we can deliver you more quality and diverse candidates (did we mention we have 41M+ active candidates?!). 

Read on to reveal some exciting product highlights we’ve made that benefit YOU

Delivered more diverse and quality candidates 

  • Reduced ‘noise’ from bots and foreign traffic helps you get the most qualified candidates faster. Our new bot blocking tactics have minimized both bot traffic and applications by bots. International visitors are now redirected to their own respective international sites resulting in much less noise in your applicant pool
  • Matching the RIGHT candidates to your jobs is now easier with CareerBuilder’s new remote/hybrid filter for candidates.  
  • The CareerBuilder logo in email builds trust and is expected to deliver more results for you! Job seekers can now see the CareerBuilder logo in their mailboxes.  





Offered valuable products and features 

  • Our Sourcing Team delivered nearly 7K candidates across 124 projects for 53 clients. Utilizing our Hiring Events, Candidate Sourcing, and Sourcing and Screening solutions is now more seamless for our Workday customers with a new integration available to deliver all candidates directly into your system. 
  • Our pay for performance targeted marketing strategy to meet candidates where they are and match them with our customer jobs delivered key hires for a healthcare customer. CareerBuilder filled these positions in just 30 days – positions that had been posted with our competitors for 8 months! 

Every new solution we create is to help you find, hire, and manage great talent. We are proud of the progress we have made this year and are confident that, with your continued support, we will keep growing and innovating, delivering even greater value to you. 

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