Job openings continue to grow across all states, most major sectors

The number of job postings on continues to surge as businesses work to attract talent, reflecting a strong U.S. economic recovery. 

Job postings have nearly tripled over the course of the pandemic, and in November 2021 all major groups except military occupations saw double- and triple-digit growth compared to the same month last year. 

Job inventory is growing across all states, with some states seeing close to 400% growth in November compared to April 2020, and states like Connecticut climbing above 450%.

Other key jobs insights: 

Transportation/warehousing continues to lead in volume. 

At the same time, the supply chain is bottlenecked by a low worker supply in these areas, strained even more by holiday purchasing. 

Top in-demand occupations are in transportation/warehousing.

Four of the top five most in-demand positions are in transportation/warehousing, with the other being registered nurses. These are: 

  1. Laborers and freight, stock and material movers 
  2. Stock clerks — stockroom, warehouse or storage yard 
  3. Registered nurses 
  4. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers 
  5. Light truck or delivery services drivers 

Demand for health care workers, especially nurses, remains strong, competitive. 

This increase in demand paired with a shrinking supply is leading employers to think creatively in hiring practices and adapt to a changing landscape. Looking for talent in unconventional places and increasing wages and sign-on bonuses have been popular, successful measures. 

Entertainment and recreation/travel have seen a rapid increase in job postings. 

These areas are seeing a surge compared to pre-pandemic levels and especially compared to this time last year when a wave of the virus kept people home through the holidays. Demand for food workers, including restaurants, and sales and customer representative positions is also seeing skyrocketing growth.

Some industries have seen job postings grow four- and fivefold.  

Protective services (+441%), entertainment (+399%) and education (+501%) are among the fastest growing areas in November compared to the same month last year. 

Night shift positions, barbers/hairdressers and truck drivers are in high demand. 

These positions have all seen massive increases in demand, especially since July 2021 when more and more of the public became vaccinated and restrictions lifted. 

Keep reading for more labor market insights. 

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