International Women’s Day 2022: What Break the Bias Means at CareerBuilder

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

Dating back more than 100 years, International Women’s Day is all about break the bias this year. We asked CareerBuilder employees what that call-to-action means to them. Read on for their answers.

“Stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ so much. Men don’t do it, why should I?” -- Sara S, Vice President, Communications

“When I think #BreakTheBias, I think about ‘breaking the glass ceiling.’ But the more I grow in my career, the less I think of it as a ceiling. It’s more like a room: I want to break through walls and biases to earn my seat at the table where decisions are being made. I’m proud to work at a company with so many women in leadership roles and where women’s voices are valued and elevated in powerful ways.” -- Jessica R., B2B Marketing Automation Manager

“For me, #BreaktheBias alludes to a world that lives without labels and loves people for who they are, embraces our differences, and uplifts our minorities (pejorative groups). This is True Equality.” -- Paul R., Major Account Executive, SMB & Digital / Franchise

“#BreaktheBias in the workplace means to be conscious of how we base our decisions and take positive steps toward the way we interact with our fellow colleagues. We should be mindful and thoughtful of how bias can play a role in our everyday lives and work to break outdated processes.” -- Alexia Lopez, Comms Dept, Corporate Communications Manager

“Be aware, be accountable, be accessible. Also, don’t assume (we all know what happens when we do that!). Most importantly, BE KIND.” -- Jaime S., U.S. Marketing, B2B Marketing Manager

“#BreakTheBias at work means a companywide and individual deep dive to look inside to recognize our own bias and then taking meaningful action to consciously correct the bias to be more inclusive. It also means a genuine open conversation about bias where real people express their experiences in a no-judgment space to help individuals and the company take meaningful action to consciously correct bias and be more inclusive.” -- LaVonne, Support, Sr. Technical Support Engineer

“Most differences can be resolved when you make the choice to be kind.“ -- Kristi H, B2B Marketing Manager, Marketing

“’Breaking the Bias’, for me, has a lot of meanings.  As a new manager, I’m attempting to break the bias that a manager has to be strict by instead acting as a servant leader. I’m here to help my team excel and grow not just in their career but overall.  Having a young child and juggling work and family is difficult, but breaking the bias that you can have it all -- all just looks different to everyone. Break the bias by advocating for what is right and being inclusive of everyone’s thoughts and ideas -- not just in a work environment but in life.” -- Erin V., Department, Job Title Area Sales Manager, Staffing & Recruitment Group

You can learn more about International Women’s Day and break the bias here.

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