How company culture impacts retention and employee success

In an effort to share the stories of the CareerBuilder employees who are hard at work #BuildingForYou, we continue our employee feature series, from celebrating individuality and lending personal experience to their insight on industry trends and everything in between.  

Meet Yannick White, Senior Sales Director with CareerBuilder’s Broadbean team in London, UK. Yannick has been part of our team for well over a decade, and is inspired by the company’s meritocratic organization, everyone’s great work ethic and the ability to find new opportunities for professional development.  

Keep reading to find out more about Yannick, his work, and what inspires him to succeed.

What is your current role and in what role did you start with CareerBuilder?  

I am currently a Senior Sales Director for Broadbean Technology and CareerBuilder UK in London, but back in 2008 I started as an Account Executive with our Staffing and Recruiting division.   

What is your favorite project that you have worked on during your time at CareerBuilder?   

During an annual review with a client that had purchased a few of our solutions, they mentioned that they would potentially not renew the careersite piece. They were reviewing different ATS options, which came with its own option. At the time, CareerBuilder had made this ATS acquisition in France that I believed would be the right fit. We ran a demo with a French client and my colleague in France who translated for my client into English. It was surreal but it worked! Fast-forward a few more meetings, and I had sold the first UK ATS deal, learned a lot through that sales cycle, and went on to manage that client for five years.  

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting out at CareerBuilder?  

You have an amazing opportunity to build a great life and career for yourself, so don’t be afraid to take risks or fail and learn fast. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way; nothing is beneath you and everything is a pit stop along your professional journey.  

Who inspires you and why?   

My parents inspire me. They met in high school and became young parents. Every day, they worked hard to build a life for their family, which saw no one go without what was necessary. Now, as a parent with my own family, I carry those same core values and remain driven to support my children and inspire them to achieve in life.   

What was your first job and what were your biggest takeaways from the experience?  

The first thing I ever did for money was to polish my dad’s work shoes. He used to go to the shoe shop regularly and pay, so I realized that if I did it instead, I could earn some extra pocket money. There were a few times I rushed the job, but my dad wouldn’t pay me until they were shining and that taught me that you can’t cut corners.  

Another key job for me was my college part-time job at a call center. I worked on auto dialers, so literally nonstop calls for an entire shift. There was a lot of hanging up and rude people, but it taught me how to be resilient and calm in all situations. I loved taking irate customers and making them happy and satisfied.


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