Got sourcing problems? We’ve got the solution

If you’re like most recruiters, time isn’t something you’ve got a lot of. Heck, if you could hire someone to eat lunch for you and take your breaks to increase productivity, you’d probably do it. So, when it comes to sourcing candidates, you WISH you had more time (and resources) to devote to finding top talent, especially for those mission-critical positions, but oftentimes it’s hard to prioritize within your growing list of to-dos.

Luckily for you, CareerBuilder has an awesome team of sourcing experts on hand to help take some of the load off, so you can focus on other top hiring priorities.

What exactly is Source & Screen?
Source & Screen is a dedicated team of recruiting pros that can attract and pre-qualify talent for your open jobs. These experts create custom sourcing strategies for your open positions; scour through leading job boards, resume databases, and professional networking sites to find the right candidate; and screen applicants to vet out those who may not be a fit. The bonus? You keep the entire book of talent we deliver.

What does it mean for you?
Source & Screen is the perfect supplement to your current hiring efforts and complements other CareerBuilder products and solutions. With Source & Screen, you’ll:

  • Save time and money: Our experts work on your behalf to source candidates, screen them, and send only the most qualified your way - so you can solely focus on making the right hire. 
  • Reduce time to hire: Source & Screen significantly cuts down on time-to-hire and related costs.
  • Focus your efforts: Using 25 years of CareerBuilder experience studying candidate behavior and labor market data, they’ll create customized campaigns that save time and resources.

 Learn more about how Source & Screen can help you fill your open positions quickly.

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