Going beyond the candidate experience

Going Beyond the Candidate Experience

With unemployment at a 50 year record low, having a great candidate experience is more vital than ever. You already know that job seekers want searching for jobs to be as easy as possible and that job postings have to include the information they want like salary, street address and an accurate job description. You also know that candidates are only willing to complete simple, straightforward job applications and that lengthy job applications just will not work.


But when is the last time you thought about optimizing your company’s recruiter and employee experiences? These groups play a critical role in your ability to hire quality employees, but with so much focus on candidates, they can be easily overlooked. Do you know if your recruiters’ technology fit their daily routine? And more importantly, does it work the way they do? Are you sure that you are truly leveraging the power of your employee advocates to define your company culture and share it with potential hires? Have you done everything you can to increase and optimize referrals?


If your answer is not a resounding “Yes!” to all of these questions, then make sure to watch Elizabeth Laurent, Product Strategist Director at Careerbuilder and Eric Theobald, VP of Talent Acquisition to learn how optimizing the candidate, recruiter and employee experiences can not only help you hire employees more quickly and efficiently, but also help you hire higher quality employees that stay longer. Krisitn McDonald, head of HR operations at CareerBuider joins them to share best practices to help optimize your talent acquisition efforts, build your talent pipeline and deliver more hires.


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