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May 30, 2018 Mary Lorenz




No one ever said background screening was supposed to be easy, but does it have to be so ... complex?




There’s no denying that background checks are a crucial step in the hiring process, helping you hire the right people and create a safe, secure workplace. But keeping track of the nuances and ever-changing regulations involved with background checks can feel like an overwhelming and impossible task. Fortunately, there’s help.




Check out the list of webinars below, and let our resident employment law experts help you make sense of the all the noise surrounding employment screening and background checks.  




Clearing Up Confusion Around FCRA Compliance




Employment law experts Pam Devata and Courtney Stieber of Chicago-based Seyfarth Shaw LLP discuss the frequently asked questions and concerns about staying compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when conducting background checks.




Topics covered include:




  • Disclosure & authorization forms.
  • Pre-adverse and adverse action notices.
  • Scoring and adjudication.
  • Ban the Box laws at both the state and city level.




Ban the Box Laws, Salary History Restrictions, Class Action Litigation, Oh My!
There’s more to staying compliant with Ban the Box laws and salary history bans than simply modifying your existing employment application. There’s a wide array of restrictions now placed on employers, and if not followed, employers could end up with costly fines. Unfortunately, staying up to date on these regulations is easier said than done. In this webinar, Chicago-based labor law attorney Bill Simmons and Laura Randazzo, VP of compliance at CareerBuilder, offer advice and insight to make sense of these regulations.




Topics covered include:




  • The impact regulations like Ban the Box will have on your HR department.
  • Best practices for staying compliant while achieving core-screening objectives.
  • Advice to help you align your screening practices with a positive candidate experience.




Marijuana, Opioids and State Laws – What HR Teams Need to Know
The number of states that permit the use of marijuana for medical conditions and recreational use is growing; meanwhile, there’s a growing opioid epidemic in this country. All of this leads to ever-changing regulations surrounding background checks and challenges for employers as they try to stay compliant. In this webinar, hosts Laura Randazzo, VP of Compliance at CareerBuilder Employment Screening, and Bill Judge, an attorney and co-founder of Encompass Compliance Corp, discuss how these issues impact HR teams and offer practical solutions for being prepared.




Topics covered include:




  • The Federal position of marijuana in the workplace.
  • Dealing with the prescription (opioid) drug in the workplace.
  • How the ADA limits employer drug testing programs.




Maximizing Outcomes: The Candidate Experience and Background Checks
Believe it or not, the background check is part of the candidate experience, and it’s possible to lose out on good candidates if they have a negative background screening experience. In this webinar, Mary Poquette, a 20-year veteran of the background screening industry, discusses the key role background checks play in creating a positive candidate experience.




Topics covered include:




  • Tips for finding a trusted, high quality background check provider.
  • Advice for keeping candidates informed during the background check process.
  • Best practices for navigating potential landmines.




Background Screening Compliance: Keeping Your Company Out of the Litigation Fray
There’s been more litigation around employment practices in the last few years than ever before. To help employers keep up with these changes and stay compliant under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employment law expert Pam Devata, a partner at Seyfarth Shaw Law Firm, will review best practices to avoid litigation and the impact of recent regulations.




Topics covered include:




  • Trends in litigation and employment law.
  • An overview of the FCRA and what it means for employers.
  • Best practices for employers around background checks.
  • The impact of a recent Supreme Court case on the legal landscape.




From Requisition to Background Check, Your Hiring Process Should be Efficient
Did you know that 74 percent of candidates continue to apply for jobs even after accepting an offer? Thus, the longer the background check process takes, the more you risk losing your top candidate to a competitor. A streamlined employment screening process can decrease this risk, but what exactly does that mean? In this webinar, Mary Delaney, President of Onboarding Solutions at CareerBuilder, offers advice on how to get the maximum ROI from your recruitment efforts.




Topics covered include:




  • Ways to streamline your hiring process for a better candidate experience.
  • The importance of choosing the right background screening partner.
  • How to assess your current compliance practices and mitigate risks.




Find Out What You Need to Know About Employment Screening in 2018




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