Employment Screening for the Caregiving Industry

Matt Tarpey

Confirming a candidate’s qualifications and background to uncover anything that might be hidden—purposefully or accidentally—is important to the safety and success of your current employees, your company’s reputation and your clients.

Safety and trust are even more paramount in industries that serve vulnerable populations, like those of health care or child care. The relationship between a caregiver and their charge is unlike any other professional relationship. For that reason, it requires a diligent employment screening process.

Here are four ways CareerBuilder Employment Screening (CBES) tackles the unique challenges of screening in the care industry and delivers fast and accurate reports you can trust:

1. Understand Your Screening Package
Employers face a tradeoff when choosing an employment screening package: The more rigorous the screening, the higher the price tag. But limiting the scope of a background check – whether by focusing on a smaller time period or omitting alias names or dates of birth – you risk missing potentially crucial information.

When hiring for caregiving positions, it is vitally important for employers to not only select a more thorough screening package, but to understand what each of the reports within the package will search as well. Employment screening, like many industries, doesn’t have standardized universal terminology, which leaves the potential for miscommunication between screening providers and employers.

With CBES, you have a 100 percent US-based customer support team, with dedicated account management and implementation teams ready to help you understand exactly what your package includes. They can also customize reports to match your unique situation and preferences. That’s why CBES has been recognized on the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction list of top screening providers for 7 years running.

2. Reliable Verification
A proper employment screening program is about far more than confirming a candidate isn’t trying to hide disqualifying records; equally important is the verification of their qualifications. Licenses and certifications are hardly unique to the health and child care industries, but ensuring the validity of a candidate’s credentials is of the utmost importance to the organization. With CBES, you can quickly verify not only the candidate’s identity with tools that check alias data, but also the validity of their credentials. Plus, with a 90 percent verification rate, CBES is the fastest, most accurate way to screen candidates.

3. Eyes on Compliance
Employment screening programs have to balance on a tightrope between providing maximum safety to employers and their clients, and respecting the individual’s right to privacy. While some regulations—like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)—exist at the federal level, health care and child care organizations are also subject to a wide range of additional state and industry employment screening regulations and guidelines that employers should be careful to comply with.

And compliance is especially critical for these care organizations, as failure to comply can result in costly fines or exclusion from federally- or state-funded programs.

As part of its award-winning customer service, CBES delivers guidance on best practices and regulations relevant to your specific hiring needs. And with CBES’s patent-pending Policy, Adverse-Action, and Ban the Box management tools, you can build unique rules by location and job level, and standardize the process for all similar roles.

4. A Great Candidate Experience
When creating and following a comprehensive employment screening process, it’s easy to forget to consider things from the candidates’ point of view. A confusing, opaque or time-consuming screening process may discourage high quality candidates – a huge problem in an industry as competitive at health care.

CBES was designed with the candidate experience in mind. Not only is the interface faster and easier for candidates to use, but it’s also mobile-friendly, so they can submit their background information and register for a drug screening all from their smartphone. Between that and getting reports back 22 percent faster, candidates are less likely to drop out of the hiring process.


CareerBuilder offers a comprehensive employment screening service dedicated to the health care industry. Learn more.

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