CareerBuilder COVID-19 Data: April 3-9 highlights

Every week, CareerBuilder shares real-time hiring data to provide insight into the coronavirus employment landscape. Follow us on social media via #CareerBuilderCOVIDData and check back here for the highlights. 


CareerBuilder job highlights for April 3-9

These are the top new resumes and the new jobs being posted during the coronavirus pandemic:

And despite seeing certain pockets of demand in transportation and warehousing, the industry overall is down 45% from its 3-year average. 

The top five job categories viewed on CareerBuilder in Q1 were civil engineers, sales reps in wholesale and manufacturing, computer systems engineers, restaurant cooks, and nursing assistants. As much of Q1 happened prior the coronavirus outbreak, these top five job categories have potential to be very different in Q2.  

CareerBuilder published the top 20 jobs available now and the top 20 employers that are hiring: 

Job postings across all industries continue to fall as businesses weather economic uncertainty with a cautious approach - but that decline is flattening. 

And finally, CareerBuilder saw an increase of fast food industry-related job openings, compared to the previous three weeks. 

Keep up with us daily on social media and with #CareerBuilderCOVIDData for leading insights on how coronavirus is impacting jobs. 


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