3 Things That Happened at UNLEASH America

Debra Auerbach

Didn’t make it to CareerBuilder’s booth during the recent UNLEASH America conference in Las Vegas?

Here are three things you missed:

1. An Introduction to Talent Discovery

Every visitor got a chance to demo our latest, innovative solution: Talent Discovery, which utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help you streamline your recruiting strategy and make your job easier.

In one, easy-to-navigate platform, Talent Discovery enables you to:

  • Get labor market data necessary to inform your recruitment strategy
  • Find matching candidates as soon as a job posting goes live
  • Search and quickly find candidates across multiple databases  
  • Connect with candidates via email quickly and easily

2. Details About Our Exciting Partnership with Google

Booth attendees also learned more about how we’ve partnered with Google to revolutionize the recruitment industry. Google Cloud Job Discovery is now completely powering the search on www.careerbuilder.com, meaning companies and job seekers have the greatest job search technology in the world driving faster connections. Read Google’s case study on CareerBuilder to learn more.

3. A Chance to Win Some Awesome Prizes

One in three lucky visitors walked away with a new pair of Bucketfeet sneakers, known as “the world’s most unique shoes,” while others got to pick from a new pair of cozy socks or sharp-looking sunglasses. Were you there? Tweet us a photo of your swag at @CBforEmployers!

If you missed the show – or CareerBuilder’s booth – never fear. Find out what other conferences and events we’ll be attending throughout 2018.




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