CareerBuilder employee spotlight – meet Michael Zimmerman

At CareerBuilder, our employees are our priority, and our team is the reason we are a leader in the industry. We want you to know who is behind the company so check out our new employee feature series! Every month, we plan to highlight CareerBuilder team members and their stories, from celebrating individuality, lending personal experience to industry topics and everything in between. 

Meet Michael Zimmerman, a national account executive at CareerBuilder who got his professional start in a greenhouse and is now helping companies formulate strategies to attract and hire top talent to bring value to their organizations. Keep reading to see what he enjoys most about his job, what brought him back to CareerBuilder after a brief stint away and why he has beef with Batman!


Name: Michael Zimmerman  

Title: National Account Executive, Commercial Services   

Location: Massachusetts  

Time at CareerBuilder: 2013 - 2016, 2019 – Present 2.5 years (first time) 9 months (the second)  

What was your first job (ever), and what were your biggest takeaways from the experience?   

I worked at a garden center and greenhouse as my first job. It really helped me build a strong work ethic and taught me that manual labor was not what I wanted for a career path.  

What do you enjoy most about working at CareerBuilder?   

First, the people I work with and the friendships I’ve formed while working here have had a lasting impact on my life. Second, through my work with clients, I continue to utilize my past executive search, staffing and talent acquisition experience to bring value to their businesses. Third, CareerBuilder’s benefits have really helped me as a single dad. By working for this company, I can work remote and spend more time with my 8-year-old twins.  

Why did you return to CareerBuilder?    

Since I first joined the company in 2013 as a National Sales Representative, it is CareerBuilder’s technology, reputation and direction of growth that first attracted me to the company and drew me back.   

What is the coolest thing you are currently working on?  

Currently I am working with a client that is building out their talent acquisition strategy, and it has been really rewarding to be a resource for them by providing my expertise and how CareerBuilder’s solutions will be a benefit to them.   

Who is your least favorite superhero and why?    

Batman. He doesn’t have a superpower!   


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