What to Know About the Employment Screening Landscape in 2018

Debra Auerbach

As the CEO and the president of onboarding software solutions at CareerBuilder Employment Screening, Ben Goldberg and Mary Delaney make it their mission to not only provide a background screening solution that is best in class, but to educate employers about the importance of employment screening in the hiring process. Their dedication to the HR industry was clear to the editors of HRO Today Magazine, who recently recognized them as 2017 HR Superstars.

We chatted with Goldberg and Delaney about what the recognition means to them, what employers should know about the changing regulatory landscape, and what they predict to be the biggest employment screening trends of 2018.

CB: HRO Today Magazine recently named you both as HR Superstars. That’s a great way to start the year! What does it mean to you? Do you think it’s a sign that employment screening is being seen as a vital part of hiring and recruiting?

BG and MD: It certainly is an honor to earn recognition as an HR Superstar, however, this is more a reflection of our CareerBuilder Employment Screening team and their ability to meet and exceed client and candidate expectations. Our CareerBuilder team works closely to build candidate trust and employer confidence at every turn throughout the screening process. According to recent CareerBuilder research, 75 percent of employers are hiring for positions where they require a candidate to pass a background check, so it is essential our services layer smoothly into hiring workflows and hiring metrics. We believe this type of forward thinking helps set us apart to earn an HR Superstar award.

CB: Given current legal and regulatory activity affecting hiring and screening (such as ban the box laws and salary history bans), how should employers navigate these complex issues in 2018?

BG and MD: The background screening regulatory landscape is always evolving. We recommend clients stay close to their screening provider and attend business reviews inclusive of compliance updates. In addition, it’s a best practice to attend webinars that provide updates and information about regulatory changes. Staying informed and engaged keeps compliance strong.

CB: What questions should employers ask themselves to make sure they’re prepared to choose the right vendor, whether that’s now or later in the year?

BG and MD: The best place to start is for an employer to act as a candidate and go through the screening experience. CareerBuilder research found that only 59 percent of candidates rate their last employment screening experience as “easy,” while 48 percent say the experience has an impact on how favorably they view a potential employer. What’s more, 60 percent of candidates continue communicating and interviewing with other companies while waiting on background results. With a growing economy and tight labor market, partnering with a screening provider who helps improve candidate experience and supports time-to-hire goals would be a strong first step.

CB: What do you predict to be the biggest or most important employment screening and compliance trends of 2018? How should employers prepare?

BG and MD: In 2018, the industry will continue to discuss ban the box legislation, salary restrictions and international compliance changes. From a customer and candidate perspective, we anticipate hot topics to include how artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technology advancements will impact the screening industry to create more transparency and less friction throughout the screening process.

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