Broadbean Analytics Suite: Solve Business Problems with Recruitment Data

July 28, 2016

Get this: The vast majority of CEOs (90 percent) say it’s important for HR leaders to be proficient in workforce analytics. But you already knew that was important to your CEO, right? The average company uses 15 different sources to attract and manage candidates, so it can be very time consuming to aggregate the data and nearly impossible to arrange the information in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand, Who has time to waste these days on such tasks?

That’s why CareerBuilder and Broadbean have designed a groundbreaking recruitment analytics tool, called Broadbean Analytics Suite, to help you drive better recruitment strategies. Broadbean Analytics Suite merges data from multiple HR and recruitment systems including job boards, career sites, applicant tracking systems and other recruiting software to deliver a singular view of your recruitment operation.

What Does Broadbean Analytics Suite do, Exactly?
Glad you asked!

Our tool will help you to:

  1. VISUALIZE: With all of your data pulled together and visualized in key graphics, you can tell the full story and make an impactful case to change behaviors.
  2. MEASURE: Measure critical business performance with accurate, real-time data that gives complete transparency of both internal team members and external resources — all in one place.
  3. DECIDE: Identify which components of your recruitment strategy are producing the best ROI in terms of applicants and hires, so you can target your talent acquisition budget accordingly.

Unlock the Power of Your Recruitment Data
While 22 percent of HR managers say it takes at least half a work day to pull their recruitment data, with Broadbean Analytics Suite, it takes just seconds to combine real-time data inputs from each and every source of information relevant to the pre-hire process. That means more time spent sourcing candidates and making hires – instead of spending countless hours poring over spreadsheets.

As Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation, says:

Even though many solutions provide basic analytics tools, those solutions don’t really ‘speak’ to each other – so when all of this intricate data is cobbled together, it paints a picture that is blurry at best. With Broadbean Analytics Suite, we provide a holistic view of the client’s recruitment operation, revealing what’s working well and where there are problems. Time and time again, we saw our customers struggling to extract actionable insights, so we worked hand-in-hand with them to find a solution that would illuminate data that’s already there and maximize the investment they’ve already made. No one else in the industry is doing what the engineers at Broadbean and CareerBuilder have brought to market.

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