5 New Features of Emsi Analytics for Talent Acquisition

January 27, 2017

Emsi Analytics for Talent Acquisition users now have access to a faster search, more robust reporting, deeper competitive analysis and more specific geographic data.

Here’s a look at five new features recently added to the platform:

  • Enhanced Job Title Search: With the updated search function, more than 5,000 job titles are automatically linked to their corresponding occupation codes. Whether you’re seeking .NET developers, oncology nurses or data scientists, you’ll more easily and quickly get the results you need. 
  • Enhanced Occupation Snapshot Report: Occupation Snapshot Reports have been updated to include narrative explanation, adding context to every data display. This arms you with talking points to help you explain the implications of the data to your stakeholders.

  Occupation Snapshot Report for Java Developers

  • Increased Functionality of Job Posting Analytics: The Emsi tool provides labor market information on all 150 million jobs in the U.S., layered with monthly updated analytics on over six million job postings. You can also search by job titles to pull both historical and projected views of the market, zoom in on the market to find details of who’s hiring, and even view specific job postings, keywords, job titles and more.
  •  New Regional Comparison Report with Cost of Living Data: If you are exploring one or more occupations across      different geographies, our new Regional Comparison Report offers a side-by-side evaluation of multiple markets,          including cost of living data. What’s more, our updated .csv export functionality makes it easy to export data into an   Excel file.
  • Employment by Place of Residence: The newly added Place of Residence dataset identifies talent pools living near any location, down to the zip code level. With average commute times around 26 minutes, having added visibility into the amount of talent living near your organization can help you be more targeted with your recruitment efforts.

Emsi Analytics for Talent Acquisition dashboard

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