8 last-minute holiday gifts for employees

The holidays crept up rather quickly (don't they always?). If you panicked when you saw that wrapped gift on your desk because you realized you have yet to purchase holiday presents, here’s a quick guide to some easy-to-buy – but also universally loved – holiday gifts for employees.

  1. Gift cards: While this might not be the most original idea, let’s be honest, most people would prefer to receive gift cards (over, say, a company-branded mug). The effort here is being thoughtful about the type of gift card each of your employees would appreciate based on their interests.
  2. Day or half day PTO: While every company has different policies about this, giving your team the gift of a “free” day or half day off of work is sure to surprise and delight them. You may want to request that they give you an advance heads up to ensure they aren’t all taking the same days off and you’ll have adequate support in the office.
  3. Subscription box: Who doesn’t enjoy getting a gift in the mail every month? That’s what’s so great about subscription boxes – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. There is a subscription box for everything these days, from beauty supplies to pet toys. And the best part is you can purchase these online in a matter of minutes.
  4. Wine: Bonus points if you do a subscription, such as Winc or SommSelect. While you’re at it, throw in a cool bottle stopper, set of glasses or electric wine opener to complete the gift.
  5. Cool tech: Is most of your team heading out for the holidays? Make traveling a little easier (and more fun) with some wireless earbuds or the latest iPad.
  6. Upskilling: This sounds a little dull, but hear us out: Building skills is becoming a lifestyle with offerings such as celebrity-led MasterClass and Coursera. What better way to show employees that you support them in their professional and personal endeavors?
  7. A night out: A gift card to a nice restaurant to dine with a significant others or bestie is thoughtful and universally appreciated. If your company is small, go for the local gems. Bonus points for Uber credits.
  8. Grocery or restaurant delivery: You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of food delivery, but it’ll be especially appreciated during the winter months when going outside is avoided as much as possible. More and more of these grocery and restaurant delivery services are offering gift cards, so it should be pretty easy to find ones that deliver to your employees.

No matter what you give, make sure to send a personal note acknowledging their hard work and thanking them for all they've contributed. To many, your appreciation is the most valuable gift of all.

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