How Recruitment Videos Can Be a Boon for Your Small Business

December 5, 2016 Pete Jansons

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much information a short video could convey to potential employees. Small business owners who assume recruitment videos are something only large companies can afford may be missing out on a valuable, cost-effective way to build their employment brand. Create a presentation that’s right for your small business using these tips:

Choose your route.

Evaluate whether you or anyone on your small business staff has the skill to film and edit the piece. While the video needn’t be Oscar-worthy, it should be good quality and positively reflect your brand. Consider hiring a local company, a freelancer, or even a student majoring in film production for this short-term project.

Define your message.

What makes your workplace special? Perhaps it’s the fast-paced nature that turns every day into an adventure. Maybe it’s your close-knit team’s dedication to the company’s mission. Determine what sets your small business apart and what type of worker you’d most like to attract. Recruitments videos tend to run three minutes or less, so zero in on what you truly want viewers to take away.

Enact your vision.

Once you know what you’d like to convey, focus on how to engage the audience. The sky’s the limit in terms of creativity, but don’t feel you must be flashy. (And definitely don’t go any route that feels false; you’ll give candidates the wrong impression.) Many small businesses have been successful with options such as portraits of everyday life at the company, interviews with staff members, tours with a narrator voice-over, and highlights from company events.

Remember, you’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Rather, you want viewers to taste company culture, envision what working at your small business would be like, and apply if they judge themselves a good fit. Self-selecting saves you the trouble of weeding out bad matches.

Screen your masterpiece.

Finally, make sure your intended audience gets the opportunity to see your final product. Good outlets include:

  • Job ads. According to CareerBuilder internal data, job postings with video icons are viewed 12 percent more than postings without video. On average, CareerBuilder customers receive a 34 percent greater application rate when they add video to their job postings.
  • Social media. Post the video on your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Consider paid advertising options to reach an even larger audience. Encourage staff members to share the video with their networks. People are more likely to view material sent from someone they know, and employee referrals remain one of the best methods of recruiting great talent. And if you don’t already have a presence on YouTube, now would be a great time to add that to your strategy since applicants often go there specifically to view videos on employers of interest.
  • Your website. Put your video front and center on the “Careers” and “About Us” landing pages to quickly show visitors why your small business is a great place to work. You did make sure to end your video with clear instructions on how to apply, right?


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