How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

October 14, 2016 Pete Jansons

Looking for an effective way to generate interest in your small business that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Utilize one of the greatest assets already at your disposal – your employees. Enthusiastic workers make excellent salespeople, not only of your products and services but also of your workplace. Help them become “brand ambassadors” capable of gaining attention from potential customers and prospective employees with these tips:

Get them excited about your vision.

As a small business leader, you undoubtedly have high hopes about how your company will grow and develop. Letting your workers in on these dreams will rev up their own entrepreneurial spirit. Every employee should clearly understand how his or her work fits into the bigger picture. Such knowledge encourages responsibility and pride. Company success will feel like everyone’s victory, so individuals will be motivated to do what they can to stimulate progress.

Show that they are valued.

Employees who feel appreciated tend to have a positive view of their company and are more apt to convey their happiness to others. While you may not have the funds to offer as many rewards or bonuses as you’d like, don’t discount the power of regularly and genuinely saying “thank you.” Another way to demonstrate that you value your workers is to listen to them. Seek input on ways to improve productivity, company culture, public relations, and other important matters. Give their feedback serious consideration, and see what can be implemented.

Give them outlets.

If you’d like employees to sing your brand’s praises, provide opportunities to do so. Send them to industry conferences, job fairs, trade shows, and other events where they can talk about your awesome company and why they like working there. Likewise, encourage staff members to be active on social media. Not only are personal networks likely to be much larger than the number of corporate followers, viewers tend to trust and pay attention to messages received from those they know. Pictures an employee posts from the day he or she spent with co-workers reading to kids at a local school aren’t just entertaining – they serve as examples of your small business’s activities and values.

Provide swag.

Finally, consider giving your team members promotional tools to help with their role as brand ambassadors. An employee standing in line at the grocery store wearing your company t-shirt may spark interest from a fellow shopper about the nature of your small business. Business cards casually passed out when an enthusiastic worker makes the rounds at a college reunion weekend may draw interest in employment opportunities. And don’t forget items such as product samples and pens with the company logo for staff to bestow on friends and family. People love free things, and your small business will stay top of mind.

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