How to Build Your Small Business Employment Brand

August 10, 2016 Pete Jansons

Do you know what your employment brand is? Most companies are aware of their consumer brand – that is, the reputation they have among customers as a product or a service provider; however, far fewer know what their employment brand is – that is, the reputation they have among employees as a place to work. And yet, every company has an employment brand.

Small businesses that pay attention to their employment brands reap big benefits. Companies with a reputation as a great place to work spend less time and money on recruitment because qualified candidates already seek them out. Similarly, happy workers mean lower turnover rates and plenty of employee referrals as they encourage those in their network to come aboard.

When it comes to building an employment brand, however, many small business owners do not know where to start. These tips can help your company promote itself to prospective talent:

Define your message.

Begin by figuring out what makes your workplace special. Maybe it has a family-like atmosphere because staff members really know and support one another. Perhaps the fast-paced nature makes every day exciting. Successful small business leaders know they can’t be everything to everyone, so they focus on determining what sets them apart and what type of workers they’d most like to attract.

Present your brand.

Once you know how you’d like potential employees to see your small business, work on spreading that message consistently through various outlets. Make your message come alive on your website and social media channels by engaging visitors through pictures, videos, and blogs depicting activities at the company. You want people to form a connection and think, “That sounds like a great place for me. I want to know more.” Field inquiries and questions in a timely, personal manner to keep interest alive.

Make applying easy.

Ever try applying to one of your own jobs to test the process? You should. (And do it on mobile devices as well as a desktop to get a full picture.) An estimated 34 percent of candidates who try to apply for jobs don’t complete the application process due to a frustrating application process, according to CareerBuilder internal research. Not only do you lose out on potential talent, the unpleasant experience can affect their actions as consumers, too.

Enlist help from current employees.

Finally, remember that building an employment brand involves those who work for you now as much as those you hope to employ down the line. Employees serve as ambassadors for your small business. Treating them right generates positive (and free!) word-of-mouth marketing that can entice their friends, family, and acquaintances to seek employment or check out your goods and services. Enthusiastic employees also make great company representatives at career fairs and industry conferences as well as on social media because their passion comes across to those they encounter. Few things solidify a small business’s claim to be a great place to work more than employees voluntarily singing its praises.

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