Top online human resources certifications to get in 2024

Top online human resources certifications to get in 2024

One of the best ways to enhance your skills and build credibility in human resources is by completing an HR training certification course. HR certification courses offer in-depth explorations of trends in HR and provide helpful training that gives HR professionals new skills and expertise they can use to improve their departments. There are a lot of HR classes available, many of which are online, making it easy to participate in these growth opportunities. Let's look at some of the top online HR certifications so you can find the best one for you.

HRCI certification

The HR Certification Institute, one of the leading certifying bodies of HR professionals, offers several online HR certificate programs. Whether you're newly entering the field or moving into a senior-level position, HRCI has a certification program you can benefit from, as it provides certifications at varying levels of expertise. There are even team certifications that your entire team can take, allowing your department to grow together. 

Some of the most popular certifications from the HRCI include the Associate Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources, and Global Professional in Human Resources.

York University Certificate in Human Resources Management

This certificate designed by York University offers a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of HR, which makes it a great course for beginners in the field. The course also provides access to a network of HR professionals that students can learn from and communicate with for advice about their own HR operations. The certification program includes nine courses, all of which take place online. Upon completion, you'll get a Certificate in Human Resources Management, showcasing your expertise and credibility to potential employers.

In this program, you'll learn about various topics set by the Human Resources Professionals Association, including HR management, occupational health and safety, and best practices for recruitment and candidate selection.

SHRM certification

The Society for Human Resource Management is another highly popular resource for online HR certificate programs. There are two certifications at this organization, catering to candidates with different experience levels. The SHRM Certified Professional credential is for professionals who are still early on in their careers, allowing them to build expertise in HR operations. For those with multiple years of experience, there's the SHRM Senior Certified Professional certification. Both certification courses are offered online, and you'll also get to choose between working with an instructor or completing the course on your own.

International Association for Human Resources Information Management certifications

The International Association for Human Resources Information Management is known for its commitment to guiding HR professionals in learning new technology and innovations in the HR industry. One of the ways the organization achieves this is by offering the Human Resources Information Professional certification, which helps candidates learn how to use new HR technology and expand their knowledge of best practices in information management, which is a key function of HR.  For instance, candidates may learn about HR automation programs that make certain aspects of the job quicker and easier to manage.

The Academy to Innovate HR certifications

For a library of resources and online certification courses in HR topics, there's the Academy to Innovate HR. This organization prioritizes four core learning components: people advocacy, business acumen, data literacy, and digital integration. By offering courses on these topics and allowing candidates to get certified in specialized areas, such as HR metrics and dashboarding and strategic HR leadership, the AIHR helps HR professionals build expertise in the fields and skills they're looking to improve.

"HR certification courses offer in-depth explorations of trends in HR and provide helpful training that gives HR professionals new skills and expertise they can use to improve their departments."

Cornell Human Resources Certificate Program

You've probably heard of Cornell University, but you might not know that the prestigious school offers online certifications in HR. With a huge array of courses to choose from, Cornell allows students to build expertise and develop skills in the niche HR topics they want to learn about most, whether they're new to HR or have been in the field for many years. 

Some of Cornell's HR certificates include the Human Resources Management Certificate, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for HR Certificate, and the Strategic Human Resources Leadership Certificate.

Golden State University Human Resource Management Program

The Undergraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management program at Golden State University is one of the most advantageous credentials you can get online. This program uses a comprehensive curriculum to dive deep into the most important topics in HR management, including personnel recruitment, compensation decision-making, and training methods and administration. The in-depth education on best practices in HR and the basics of the industry this program offers makes it ideal for candidates who are new to the field and want to expand their understanding before entering the workforce.

Talent Management Institute certification

The Talent Management Practitioner certification from the Talent Management Institute is another top online certification for HR professionals. Since it focuses on talent management, it's the perfect certification for HR professionals who want to specialize in talent acquisition. In this program, you'll learn about topics such as strategy and leadership in talent management, key concepts and perspectives in the area, and international talent management. If you already have an HR degree or certificate, this credential is a great way to bolster your expertise even further and qualify for more specialized jobs.

Human Capital Institute certifications

Another source for HR certifications you can earn online is the Human Capital Institute. With options for courses in general and specialized areas of HR, the HCI can be an amazing resource for candidates who want to enter a particular industry as an HR professional. For example, certification courses such as Succession Planning and Talent Development, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Change Management for HR can help someone pursue a career as a senior-level HR professional who guides business and workforce decisions.

There are also more general certification courses at the HCI that can benefit all types of HR professionals. These include courses such as Coaching for Engagement and Performance, Strategic HR Leadership, and Strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development certification

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is a global organization based in the UK that provides several opportunities for certification in HR. These include three qualifications for varying levels of HR expertise: the Foundation Certificate, associate diplomas, and advanced diplomas. If you work for a global company or plan on moving abroad, these can be exceptional credentials to have, as they'll help you learn about best practices and standards in HR across the world.

These are just some of the many online HR courses you can take to bolster your expertise and develop new skills. Completing an HR training certification ensures you're using the most current best practices in the field so you can provide outstanding support to your employees. With countless online options, HR certification courses are more accessible than ever, so you'll be sure to find a course that meets your needs.

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