Supply & Demand is an essential hiring resource

Supply & Demand is an essential hiring resource

When you're looking to hire the right member for your team, you might feel bogged down trying to figure out the best hiring strategy. After searching through resumes and reading cover letters, it can be hard to keep it all straight. However, with the right tools in place, you can make the hiring strategy at your workplace more effective so you can find people who are excited to join the team and grow with your company.

Supply & Demand is an essential hiring resource that CareerBuilder features to help your company find the right candidates. This product gathers data on a variety of factors, helping you understand where employees are coming from and how to attract candidates to a vacant role. With our reports, your human resources department can enjoy many benefits that make the hiring process go more smoothly.

Learn about your target market using analytics

Through our detailed reports, you'll gain a better understanding of the type of employee you're targeting. It shows you the job titles people in your industry are searching for, along with other details that demonstrate what candidates want in a job and the types of candidates searching for work right now. Supply & Demand is an essential tool that provides the following features to help you target the right market:

  • Keyword search: Our keyword search lets you look for details using a search tool to filter by keyword, job title, or skill on a city, metro area, state, or national level.
  • Compensation data: You'll get to learn details about what other companies are paying their employees for the position your company wants to fill.
  • Heat maps: Use our heat map to see where jobs are being posted compared to where job seekers are located.
  • Top job posters: Find out which companies are also hiring for the same position and which ones are posting the most jobs.
  • Demographic data: When you know the demographics of your candidates, you can create a better job description that aligns with their experience and qualifications.
  • Hiring indicator: The hiring indicator tells you how difficult it might be to fill an open role based on trends in the job market.
  • Custom reporting: Your reports are customized to your search specifications, and you can have them emailed to you or the company's HR department and save them as a PDF or Excel document to reference later.

Let's consider an example of how this can benefit your company. Your Supply & Demand Report might show you that registered nurse (RN) is a job title many people are searching for, while a home care nurse isn't as popular. This detail demonstrates that if you're interested in hiring for an RN position, attracting candidates might be easier than if you're hiring for a home care nursing job. You'll need your HR department to provide a more enticing offer to home care nurses since the hiring pool for this role is smaller.

In addition to job titles, Supply & Demand Reports show you where top talent is searching for jobs as well as where these candidates currently live. You'll learn about the average education level for those searching for jobs in the industry and where they're going to school. Job search trends can also help you understand the number of people who are searching for the role your company needs to fill. By laying out this information in easy-to-read graphs and charts, Supply & Demand takes the guesswork out of finding the right team members.

Find the right candidates with targeted data

To provide you with the targeted data you need to find and hire the right candidates, we take and compare information from job seeker resumes that are uploaded onto CareerBuilder and hiring data from government sources along with many other reputable sources across the internet. Bringing all this information together in one place can give you a better perspective of the job market overall. With information from a broad spectrum of sources, Supply & Demand becomes an essential tool that your company needs to ensure that only the best candidates come to work for you.

You'll know where to seek candidates and where they want to work, helping you target the people who live close or those who want to move to the area. It can also let you know where to expand if your company wants to open a new branch or spread to surrounding areas or other major cities. Your detailed and specific Supply & Demand Report also shows you the skills commonly found on the resumes of potential candidates. You can use this information to write the best possible job description that sets realistic expectations.

Compare your job descriptions to competitors in the market

Supply & Demand is an essential hiring tool if you want to compare your company's hiring practices and employee pool to that of others in your industry. Being able to look at where candidates are coming from for other companies, how much similar companies are compensating their employees, and what they're looking for in a candidate can help you shape your hiring strategy to match that of top companies. When you're interested in growth and expansion, you'll need to find a way to hire more people to fill empty positions as quickly as possible.

"To provide you with the targeted data you need to find and hire the right candidates, we take and compare information from job seeker resumes that are uploaded onto CareerBuilder and hiring data from government sources along with many other reputable sources across the internet."

Our reports take data from other job search boards as well as our own to help you get a picture of the companies that most often post new jobs for similar roles to the ones you want to fill. We also pull salary data from those who report it to us, giving you an idea of what other companies are paying so you can adjust your company's offers to fit the target market.

Make your recruitment strategy more effective

The more targeted your company's recruitment strategy is, the more effective it will be. This is why Supply & Demand is an essential hiring tool. It allows your HR team to take information from a range of sources and compile it into a single report. These reports are simple to understand, with easy-to-read graphs and charts.

The data these charts and graphs supply tells you everything you need to know about current trends in the job market and what's driving the workforce right now. When you know what your company's candidates want in a new job, you're more likely to create a job posting that appeals to a certain demographic. Make your company stronger by implementing a recruitment strategy that better targets the people you want to hire.

Grow your business and increase your reputation

You can't grow a company without the proper foundation. Having a strategy in place to build your company from the ground up will ensure its success long into the future. If you're looking for ways to grow your business, Supply & Demand can help. This useful tool offers many features that help you understand the job market, get the attention of your target audience, and gain insight into demographics and what other companies in your industry are doing to attract candidates. 

When the right people work for your company, it makes for a happier, more satisfied workforce. This culture can increase your company's reputation and prove that it's a great place to work. In turn, this puts your company ahead of the competition when it comes to finding candidates who want to work with you.

If you're looking for a reporting and analytics tool that can help you understand the job market, what hiring practices other industries are using, and how to attract job seekers with the right skills, then check out what Supply & Demand can do for you.

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