Give your recruitment strategy a boost

Give your recruitment strategy a boost

Searching for a job is very different now than even in the recent past. And it's important for you to stay updated on recruitment strategies if you want to find and retain employees who strive for success. Let's go over why your organization needs a recruitment strategy and what some of the best ones are so you can attract high-quality candidates to your open roles.

Why do you need a recruitment strategy?

Your company needs a recruitment strategy because it's vital that you have the right people on your team. When you have a plan for posting job openings, collecting resumes, and conducting interviews, it makes the hiring process go smoothly. If you create a recruitment strategy before you need to hire people, you can easily replicate the process, making it simple for human resources staff to quickly fill open jobs.

What are the best recruitment strategies?

Here are some of the best recruitment strategies you can use to find top talent for your organization:

Use social media

Using social media, you can recruit talent from all over the country and even the world. Knowing your target audience and the social media they prefer can help you get your job posting in front of interested candidates. Encourage people to tag anyone they know with an interest in a role at your company or use photos of people working and having fun at your organization to entice interest. Use the information to message people about openings at your company.

Create great job posts

Creating job posts and descriptions that not only outline the role but also give an idea of the workplace environment can help you find people who fit your company's culture. If your staff likes to joke, consider adding a touch of humor to the job listing, but if your workplace focuses on staying organized, write your post in a more formal tone. Having these details can ensure you attract candidates who meet your preferences and fit in with your current staff.

"CareerBuilder has several products that help you plan and implement a recruitment strategy that works for your unique business."

Hire college graduates

Consider prioritizing hiring college graduates. Colleges and universities are great places to recruit young people who are eager to learn and grow with your organization. Recruiting through colleges also lets you target those who are graduating with degrees related to the work your company does. You know these people have an interest in the field, and even though they may not have much experience, they're ready to receive training and guidance that will make them strong employees.

Make your brand memorable

The more distinctive your brand, the more people will recognize your company's name. When people know your organization, it may entice them to research your job openings. This makes recruiting easier because job seekers come to you instead of the reverse. Let people know what your company is all about and you should start attracting candidates who are interested in helping you achieve your goals.

Attend hiring events

Hiring events and job fairs are great places to recruit new talent. Talk to a lot of people and try to collect their email addresses so you can reconnect with them after the event. Not everyone you talk to will be interested, but the more contacts you make, the better your chance of finding the right person for your company. You can also attend industry-related events that let you connect with others in your field who may have leads on potential talent.

Implement a referral program

Encourage your employees to refer talent to your organization through an employee referral program. Incentivize them with a reward for recruiting someone who is hired and maintains their position for a specific amount of time. Using a reward with a stipulation prevents employees from recommending those who might not be well-suited to the company culture or for the role.

Take advantage of technology

Technology allows you to recruit talent from a variety of sources without much effort. You can use different job board sites and other tools that give you access to a wide range of candidates, both local and international. You can also create a candidate pipeline with a resume database to collect information about potential candidates that you can access at any time. Some tools are also designed to help you keep track of potential candidates so you can re-engage them later.

Where to find recruitment tools that give your hiring strategy a boost

There are many websites where you can find recruitment tools to start building a talent pool for your organization. CareerBuilder has several products that help you plan and implement a recruitment strategy that works for your unique business. From branding and resume tracking to interviewing and training, our tools can help you recruit the best employees for your team.

Give your recruitment strategy a boost by implementing some of these ideas for finding top talent for your business. You can take advantage of all the tools CareerBuilder has to offer to ensure that your strategy helps you get the right people on your team.

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