Candidates Use 16 Different Resources During a Job Search

May 23, 2016 Rob Zaldivar

Job seekers are more aware of the job market than ever before – and they have the tools to navigate a job search, literally, at their fingertips. From good, old-fashioned networking to sending resumes and job applications from a smartphone, today’s candidates have what it takes to find their next career: patience and skill.

We surveyed over 5,000 job seekers in both the U.S. and Canada to achieve key insights into the habits of today’s candidates for our annual Candidate Behavior Study. This year, we found that job seekers use an average of 16 different resources to aid in their job search. This valuable research is performed to not only help a candidate determine their own place in the market, but also find job opportunities that fit their requirements. Keep in mind, job seekers perform this research before applying to a single open position.

What Does This Mean For You?

If your organization is posting jobs to only one job board, or searching through one resume database, you may be missing out on a majority of the job seekers available in the marketplace. To help increase your visibility and capture more candidate information, your company needs a diverse recruitment strategy with a presence across the internet. Job distribution software and tools that consolidate multiple resume databases into one search can increase your flow of candidates without adding additional time or steps to your process. Get more insights from CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior Study.

Learn more about CareerBuilder Job Distribution and Federated Resume Search.


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