Is it just us, or has recruiting gotten way too complicated?


How many job boards and social hubs do you have accounts for? Do you use Programmatic Job Advertising? Resume screening software? An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?   

So. Many. Disparate. Systems.
We couldn’t help but notice that recruiting was in desperate need of a one stop solution. That’s exactly why we created the CareerBuilder Talent Discovery Platform (TDP).

One single sign-on. For everything.

When you can plan, source, match, engage and manage recruitment all in one place, you not only save time, but you recruit more effectively with a totally connected ecosystem. Here are just some of the many recruitment tasks you can perform all from one platform:


Search 130 candidate sources all at once

There are 160 million people in the U.S. looking for work, and you have access to nearly 90% of that employable marketplace via CareerBuilder’s centralized candidate database. You can also integrate candidates seamlessly from your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


Screen resumes and profiles more effectively
Whittle down those millions of job seekers to just the qualified few in seconds with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based semantic search technology. AI goes beyond keywords to perceive context as well. The result? A streamlined screening process and higher quality matches.  


Understand the labor market instantly
Skip the time-consuming research step and see the current supply and demand for your job, competitor compensation and the average time-to-fill for similar roles instantly. CareerBuilder’s TDP connects you to real-time data you can use to inform your job postings.


Post more effective job descriptions five times faster 
Ready to post your vacancy? AI can fast track the process by helping you write gender- and tone-neutral job descriptions based on two billion data points. Better still, our solution provides a Candidate Appeal Score that forecasts how effective your post will be at attracting candidates. It even provides recommendations for how to boost appeal before you post.

Receive new matches daily 
Once you’ve posted a job, you’ll automatically receive up to 25 candidate matches a day, per job. Not only will the matches you see be the best candidates for your position, AI also identifies the prospects most likely to respond.

Connect with candidates easily 
Rather than juggling candidate communication on multiple external channels, communicate with candidates one-on-one or in groups centrally through the Talent Discovery Platform. You can also create your own fully measurable email campaigns to groups of up to 10,000 candidates.

Monitor recruiting analytics at a glance
Analytics become effortless and much richer with all your talent acquisition activities occurring in the same platform. See usage statistics and actions taken, measure your team by recruiter, see your real-time recruiting ROI and much more.


Ready to shave more than 30% off your time to hire?


A single, feature-rich platform not only simplifies the entire process of recruiting, it improves your time and cost to hire. Check out our TDP demo video for an in-depth look at how the CareerBuilder Talent Discovery Platform replaces all those other disconnected recruiting tools with a single, connected solution.

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