One Applicant Tracking System to Solve Your Biggest Challenges

August 15, 2016 Mary Lorenz

Did you know? The average company uses over 15 different tools to source and manage candidates, according to internal CareerBuilder research. But is all of this technology doing more harm than good?

In a separate CareerBuilder survey, 22 percent of CEOs said their biggest recruitment technology challenge is that they cannot coordinate across the many sources they use for hiring. Rather than making the process of sourcing and managing candidates easier, these multiple tools — each with their own metrics and data sets — only make the process more time-consuming and complicated.

In its ongoing mission to make life easier for recruiters and decrease the time needed to fill jobs, CareerBuilder created Applicant Tracking Lite, Standard and Pro. Our applicant tracking system combines all the tools recruiters use — from source to hire — into one applicant tracking system that can seamlessly integrate with other technology partners.

That means recruiters can view and search candidates, run reports, measure performance, manage job postings, engage with candidates, and more — all from one easy-to-manage dashboard platform.

Doing more with less

In today’s competitive labor market, recruiters can’t afford to waste time logging into and navigating multiple applicant tracking systems, resume databases and professional networking sites. They need a talent management system that not only simplifies the candidate search process, but also integrates with their current system.

By containing all of your talent acquisition and management tools in one simple platform, Talentstream Recruit streamlines the entire recruitment process and creates an uninterrupted workflow to help you make the right hires faster. Plus, it can seamlessly integrate with your existing recruiting tools.

Applicant Tracking is the intuitive applicant tracking system top companies rely on to effectively attract quality talent and operate internal recruitment processes. Learn more about how CareerBuilder's Applicant Tracking can enhance your business. 


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