Top trends and issues for hiring managers and recruiters (study)


A joint study – “State of the Staffing Professional” – conducted by ClearlyRated, CareerBuilder and the American Staffing Association offers insight into hiring trends among staffing firms, recruiters and HR leaders. While access to top talent remains the industry’s main concern, the tight labor market, online reputation and technology in talent acquisition emerged as pressing topics.

The study surveyed 537 people who hire other people, including recruiters at staffing firms and internal hiring managers. Of the participants, 40% are placement recruiters, 32% work at firms with 25 or more branch locations, and 30% are in leadership positions. Keep reading for a summary of key statistics.

State of the Staffing Professional study highlights

Tactics to combat the tight labor market:

  • Targeting passive candidates proved the most useful strategy, employed by 69% of study participants.

  • 72% of respondents tried re-engaging existing candidates, which was the third-most effective strategy.

  • While only 55% of employers focused on improving candidate experience, 21% deemed it the most effective strategy, the second-most effective of all strategies.

  • And similarly, while 53% invested in tech to improve efficiency, 16% thought it was the most effective strategy.

Sources for new positions to fill:

  • Top three were professional referrals, sales generated leads and networking.

  • Online ads/job postings and marketing-generated leads sparked disagreement among leaders and field employees. Online ads and job postings were viewed as more effective by field employees than leaders, and the opposite was true about marketing-generated leads.

Client relationships and needs:

  • The top three reasons why clients chose to work with staffing firms were the ability to find high quality talent, a strong reputation and the ability to find specific/niche skill sets.

  • Providing salary data was common, but 39% of clients wanted predictive hiring analytics, as well.

How online reputation impacts recruitment:

  • Staffing firms should focus on how to validate online reviews from trusted third parties.

  • 17% of staffing firms thought their online reviews were very accurate.

  • 30% of staffing firms believed their online reviews were not accurate, with 56% of this cohort believing that only overly negative or overly positive experiences were reviewed.

  • 85% thought that online reviews were very-to-extremely important – even though accuracy is a strong concern.

Tech as part of talent acquisition:

  • Most valuable technology: 35% said applicant tracking system, 19% said job boards and 14% said social media.

  • Firms of all sizes used a variety of technology in similar capacities to source and reach candidates, but 64% of large firms utilized video interviews as part of the recruitment process, compared to only 32% of small firms.

  • “Smaller firms have some catching up to do if they want to be competitive with larger firms when it comes to utilizing technology and offering their clients up-to-date software tools.”

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