ADP Report: Small Businesses Added 52,000 Jobs in July

Pete Jansons

The second half of the year is off to a good start for small business employers, who added 52,000 jobs in July, according to the latest ADP Small Business Employment Report. This comes right after the smallest month of job growth for small businesses so far this year, when small businesses added only 29,000 jobs. The ADP’s small business employment report looks at job growth specific to businesses with 49 or fewer employees.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

When looking at small businesses by size, very small businesses (those with 1-19 employees) added 21,000 jobs and other small businesses (20-49 employees) added 31,000 jobs.

Looking at small businesses by sector, the service-producing sector added 45,000 jobs in July (up from 23,000 jobs in June), while the goods-producing sector added 7,000 jobs (down from 27,000 jobs in June).

Comparison to Overall U.S. Job Growth

Overall job growth in July exceeded economists’ expectations. While economists expected a gain of 185,000 jobs in July, the U.S. actually added 219,000 – the biggest month for job gains since February. Meanwhile, the ADP revised June’s job numbers up from 177,000 to 181,000. July marks the 92nd straight month of job gains in the U.S.

Looking at growth by business size and sector, mid-sized businesses added 119,000 jobs in July (up from 80,000 jobs in June), and large businesses added 48,000 jobs (down from 69,000 jobs last month). Looking at sectors, the goods-producing sector added 42,000 jobs in July (up from 29,000 jobs added in June), and in the service-producing sector, the U.S. added 177,000 jobs (up from 148,000 jobs last month).

The industries adding the most jobs in July were education and health (48,000 jobs added); professional and business services (47,000 jobs); and leisure and hospitality (37,000). Once again, information was the only industry that reported losses, this time losing 1,000 jobs.

Looking Ahead

As the economy continues to add jobs at a consistent rate, employers are facing the challenge of finding qualified candidates to fill roles. If you’re having trouble finding candidates for your open positions, consider these hidden talent pools.

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