4 Ways to Shorten the Hiring Process

August 22, 2017 Pete Jansons


When you run a small business, having the right people in place is key to success. And getting those people means having a thorough hiring process. After all, hasty hiring decisions can lead to costly hiring mistakes.


At the same time, however, taking too long to hire someone can be just as bad for business. When a position goes unfilled at a small business, it can be particularly hard on employees, who already often challenged with being ‘scrappy’ and ‘doing more with less.’ With one less person around, they are scrambling to pick up the slack. As a result, productivity suffers, morale goes down, and burnout rates increase. Not to mention that a long hiring process can also make you lose out on quality candidates, who are being vetted by other companies or simply lose interest.


So how do you shorten your hiring process without shortchanging your business? Use the following tips.

  1. Create a quality job posting. When creating your job posting, make sure you accurately describe the responsibilities of the role and the skills required, as well as the type of candidate you’re looking for. A hastily written, unclear or inaccurate job posting will attract candidates who are unqualified, misguided or otherwise poor fits for the position, which wastes both your time and theirs.
  2. Create an employee referral program. Having an employee referral program can speed up the recruiting process by enlisting (and incentivizing) employees to reach out to their networks and refer candidates they know and trust for consideration. Not only will you drive more applicants, but the ones you get will already have the ‘seal of approval’ from the people who know your company best.
  3. Invest in quality software. The hiring process involves a lot of moving parts. A quality applicant tracking system can help you streamline and simplify your hiring process by collecting, organizing and storing applicant data all in one place. An ATS like Applicant Tracking, powered by CareerBuilder, for example, helps you easily distribute job postings to multiple places to build your candidate database, search and find qualified candidates in your database, and engage them with automated emails, It also has reporting capabilities that enables you to track the success of your efforts and improve efficiency.
  4. Recruit year-round. You don’t have to wait until a position opens up to look for potential candidates. Start building your talent pipeline now so that, when a position does open up, you already have a database of interested candidates who might be a good fit. (A program like CareerBuilder’s Talent Network helps you build and manage your talent pipeline for a faster, easier recruiting process.)

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