The 2019 State of Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slated to disrupt the way we recruit in the future and has already had a positive impact on many talent acquisition (TA) processes. Download the study above for a view on how your team can speed up time-to-hire and how you stack up to your average competitor in AI usage. Some highlights: 


  • Just 10% of study participants make high to very high use of AI today, but 36% expect usage to be high or very high in two years (page 11) 

  • Will AI be able to help recruiters predict candidate quality? (page 23) 

  • The biggest reported downside to using AI for talent acquisition: 69% of respondents say it’s the loss of the human factor in recruiting (page 49) 

  • 73% of respondents say AI in TA will improve the speed of hiring in the next two years (page 50) 

Download the study to discover the wins you could bring your team with more efficient AI-based processes.  


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