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May 1, 2017 Matt Tarpey

Between resumes, applications and cover letters, you get a lot of information about candidates during your recruiting fairs, hiring events or campus recruitment campaigns. Still, there are some points of consideration that go into finding the right candidate that don’t necessarily come up on a resume. So how can you keep track of your notes and impressions about candidates from the first time you meet them — and potentially all the way through the interview process?

Talent Gather does just that: This app allows recruiters to take consistent notes on candidates and works to facilitate quick post-event follow up and information sharing. It also allows you to review and filter candidates based on your notes and tags.

Easily link your notes to the candidate’s resume – even if all you have is a hard copy. All you need is to do is take an image of the resume, and Talent Gather will parse that information and add it to your into searchable digital documents, making it an ideal tool for anyone who recruits at colleges, military or diversity events and other face-to-face recruiting situations.

Immediately interested in a candidate? Talent Gather can help you get the ball rolling right away. Email your notes and the candidate’s resume to the hiring manager directly from the app. You can even call the candidate and set a follow up meeting or interview directly from the app.

Organize your documents by event to keep track of where and when you made contact with a candidate. You can also configure your questions based on your unique recruiting goals for different events.

Plus, with Talent Gather you can access your notes offline, so your introductions and interviews won’t be threatened by spotty WiFi signals. And since it is compatible with any iOS or Android device, you can share everything from notes to full resumes with your entire team.

Explore the full benefits of Talent Gather now and request your product demo!


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