The Best Applicant Tracking Systems Have These Features

April 2, 2018 CareerBuilder

In its most basic form, an applicant tracking system helps you manage the workflow and data associated with candidates once they apply for a job at your organization.

But in today’s competitive talent market, basic just doesn’t cut it. Your organization needs to find, recruit and engage top talent quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of your competitors. The best applicant tracking systems will give you the boost you need to outperform the competition and lock down the right candidates. 

If your current ATS doesn’t offer the following features, you should consider upgrading to a better system:

1. Operates on a single platform. Using multiple tools to manage the different steps of the recruitment process can be frustrating and time-consuming. You need an applicant tracking system that can handle all of your recruiting needs—from source to hire—in one single platform. Plus, eliminating the need to log in to different systems saves time and allows your recruiters to make quality hires more easily.

2. Helps you build a talent pipeline. Building a pipeline of talent for future positions is essential to any effective recruiting strategy. An ATS that includes candidate-optimized career sites with built-in talent networks helps you acquire and engage your pipeline. Candidates are instantly subscribed to receive email alerts of new opportunities at your company.

3. Collects real-time data. Recruiting strategy decisions require real-time data. In addition to producing reports on your internal processes, an upgraded ATS can deliver labor market and source tracking data. Labor market data helps determine how easy or difficult it will be to source candidates. Source tracking identifies where applications are coming from, so you can strategize accordingly.

4. Is easy to use. You shouldn’t have to waste your time logging in and out of 15 different tools to source and manage your candidates. Upgraded ATS platforms combine past applicants, sourced candidates and talent network members in one place so you can conduct a single search of all your talent. It’s also important to look for tools with semantic search capabilities so you ensure you’re only getting the most relevant candidates.

5. Integrates with your other products. Time is wasted—and errors occur—when information is not shared correctly between platforms. An upgraded ATS will fit into your current workflow and “talk” to your other programs to ensure that data is being shared correctly between systems.

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