3 Essential Elements of an Effective Recruitment Strategy

April 27, 2016 Pete Jansons

Want to know how to really get in front of candidates, attract them to your company and entice them to apply? Put yourself in their shoes when creating an effective recruitment strategy.

In other words, if you want to understand your candidates, consider what they go through when applying to jobs with your company. Is the application process lengthy and complex? Is your career site easy to navigate? Do candidates hear back when they put in an application – or does it go into that infamous “black hole”?

Believe it or not, the way job candidates interact with your company during the application and recruitment process can impact their view of you as a desirable place to work. After all, how you treat them as job candidates is, in their view, a peek into how you will treat them as employees.

So how do you create a candidate experience that sets you apart and makes candidates want to apply? Start with these elements:

  • Your career site: Use your career site to educate job seekers about your company and the work environment, advertise your jobs and link to your application process. Make sure it is easy to navigate, functioning and optimized for multiple devices – from laptops to tablets to smart phones – as more and more candidates are searching for jobs from their mobile devices.
  • Your application process: Research shows that many candidates abandon the application process if it’s too complex, too long or not functioning properly (e.g. links are broken). Test your application process yourself to see how candidates experience and if there is room for improvement.
  • Your engagement: Are you responding to every applicant? Do you keep candidates up to date on where they are in the application process? Do you have a talent network applicants can join to keep abreast of future openings? Communicating is key to keeping quality candidates engaged and interested in your opportunities. The more you build and nurture your talent pipeline now, the less work you will have to do recruiting candidates in the future, because you will already have a pool of interested, qualified candidates from which to source.


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