New Applicant Tracking Features are Here to Make Your Life Easier

November 26, 2018 Mary Lorenz


Managing candidates and staying on top of requisitions has never been easier (or less stressful), thanks to the latest, time-saving updates to Applicant Tracking. Users will now see options to create separate apply forms for internal candidates, advanced filtering options and an easier way to create templates, among other additions. Details below:

Internal/External Apply Form
Clients with an Employee Network are now able to offer a different application experience for internal employees than they require for external job seekers.


Date Filters on Candidate List

Now, customers can quickly filter and view their candidates’ workflow statuses within a predefined time period (today, this week, this month, last month, etc.) or a custom date ranges.

Forward Candidate Resume File
With this feature, customers can send multiple candidate resumes from Applicant Tracking to others on their team via one email. The ability to send multiple resumes through one email (as opposed to several) minimizes clutter and provides a better user experience for hiring managers.

Requisition List Filters for Approval Stages
The Requisitions page now has expanded filter options for all pending sub-statuses. This means users can now more easily view, manage and take action on all requisitions that are pending approval.

Notification of Rejected Req Approval
Applicant Tracking users no longer have to log into the system to check the status of their requisitions. Now, if a requisition has been rejected, the recruiter (or hiring manager if applicable) will receive automatic emails notifying them of this.

Batch Upload Contacts
This new, time-saving feature enables users to add multiple contacts at once by uploading a CSV file. (Previously, contacts could only be added one at a time.)

Create a New Standard Job Template from a Req
Instead of first going into the Toolbox to create a job template and later going into the Edit Requisition page, creating a Standard Job Template is now as simple as entering basic position information (title, position, location, salary), and then save and create a Standard Job Template.

Texting to Candidates (US clients)
Connecting with candidates is even easier for U.S.-based Applicant Tracking users, who now have the ability to send text messages to applicants for quick meeting reminders or pending requests about their application.

Learn more about Applicant Tracking here or check out the complete list of product updates



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