CareerBuilder Summer 2018 Product Updates and Enhancements

September 7, 2018

Over the past few months, we’ve developed new and exciting capabilities designed to make your recruiting process more efficient and effective. 

Here’s a look at some of the key product updates we’ve recently made in the areas of talent acquisition, employment screening and human capital management software:

Talent Acquisition

Talent Discovery Platform

Recruiter On-Page Messaging: Recruiters and sourcers can quickly and easily engage candidates in more personal and meaningful conversations directly within the platform.

Job Match Recruiter Notification Email: Within seconds of posting a job on, users receive qualified candidates via email that match their job description, as well as weekly automated notifications of matched candidates for all of their posted jobs.

Heat Map Powered by Google API: This Supply & Demand feature, powered by Google’s API, allows users to compare the distance of their searched-for city to other surrounding cities that may have more potential candidates available, widening their talent pool. 

Top 10 Keyword and Location Searches : Now users can see the top 10 keyword searches (for job title and location) from within Supply & Demand, allowing them increased visibility into what’s trending.  

Recruiter Desktop

Job Branding Enhancements: Users can easily view details and edit job branding logos, while increasing transparency of jobs posted within their account.

Employment Screening


iOS Invitation Improvement: Candidates accessing the background check invitation via their iOS device will enjoy a more enhanced experience, including the ability to pre-populate required fields without having to type.

Customizable Emails for Policy Valuation: Clients with policy settings can easily communicate specific instructions to their HR team based on order decision (Approved, Escalated or Tentative/Non-Approved).

New Drug Screening Policies: Users can easily create policies for specific non-negative drug screening results, including: No Show, Rejected, Adulterated, Substituted, Unable to Complete, Canceled, Policy Violation and Refused.  

Duplicate Order Setting: Clients can now create a customized timeframe for WebACE® to identify an order as a duplicate submission to a previous order, as well as control when they’ll see the duplicate warning message.

Default View Assignment in Client Dashboard: Users can easily designate a default location to display each time they access the dashboard.  

GDPR Compliance Update: In compliance with the law, European Union clients can now establish a timeframe for when the system should anonymize select order data points for GDPR compliance.

HCM Software


JobFeed – Integrated into Bullhorn ATS: This new integration maximizes sourcing efforts by providing access to the entire online job market directly in the Bullhorn ATS, leading to better quality lead generation, competitive insight and real-time labor market analytics.

Extract! 4.0 English Resume Parsing : Extract!, Textkernel’s resume parsing software, uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to automatically turn every resume or social media profile into a complete and searchable candidate record, providing better, more accurate data.

Applicant Tracking

Improved Screening Status Updates: Clients have better visibility into background check and drug test status details in their dashboard, resulting in increased user efficiency.

Broadbean: OFFCP Compliance

Compliance Data Bank: The new data bank feature increases efficiency by centralizing critical compliance files (e.g., authorization letters) and documentation (e.g., state employer identification numbers) in one place.

Mandatory Job Listings Status Tiles: These Status Tiles now offer an interactive way for users to assess the overall health of their compliance activity and status in a single click.

Find out more about CareerBuilder’s talent acquisition, employment screening and human capital management software. 

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