Applicant Tracking: Managing Your Requisitions Just Got Easier

October 17, 2016

October 2016 Release Update 

In an effort to continually improve our product suite, we’ve listened to your feedback and made a number of tweaks to the requisition and workflow in Applicant Tracking— our intuitive ATS — to help you save time and streamline your process.

Here are four brand new CareerBuilder's enhancements you should know about:

Get the ability to view remaining openings at a glance. You will now have the option to see a ticker that counts down how many openings remain compared to how many have been hired for a requisition with more than one opening. For example, if you see “3/4,” you’ll see at a glance that 3 of the 4 openings have not been filled. This ticker can be configured on both the Edit Requisition page as well as the Requisition List page. 

How this makes your job easier

We designed this feature to offer you transparency in terms of the number of candidates in the “Hired” workflow stage for requisitions with multiple openings.

If you’re recruiting for a company that’s growing fast or hiring a lot for the same positions — for example, if you’re hiring for five sales associates at once using the same requisition — then you will now have more transparency into the number of hires made at a glance.

This feature will need to be configured in Versions 4.0 and higher. See contact info below.

You can receive requisition status emails. Previously, if you wanted to find out the status of a requisition, you would need to log into the system to access the status of requisitions during the requisition approval process. Some contacts did not have access to the software and therefore did not have access to the requisition status.

How this makes your job easier

Now, an email can be sent to user(s) or contact(s) listed on the requisition notifying them when a requisition has been approved or rejected by the requisition approvers. This new feature will alert user(s)/contact(s) listed on the requisition via email when their requisition has been approved/rejected — and you can decide who needs to receive status emails (as you can see in the image below).

If any of the following describe you, you will want to use this feature:

  • If you use the requisition approval process
  • If you do not log into the software daily, but still would like to know the status of requisitions that are pending approvals
  • If you have contacts listed in the software who would like to receive notifications about requisition statuses 

This feature will need to be configured in Versions 4.0 and higher. See contact info below.

Your requisition status can automatically be set to “open” after final approval. Now you can keep moving through the workflow seamlessly — instead of a requisition being marked as “in progress” once it has been approved, it will automatically change to “open” in the workflow.

How this makes your job easier

Once the last approver reviews the requisition, the recruiter will see it as ready to post without having to go looking for approvals. That means requisitions will not get held up because a notification isn’t sent out. It also means no waiting around or chasing down approvers or manual changes will be needed, saving the team time and increasing the speed and efficiency of the process. This feature will need to be configured in Versions 4.0 and higher. See contact info below.

You can import sourced or unsolicited candidates onto requisitions. Prior to this update, you could only associate a candidate to a position if the requisition was open and posted, and they had to be imported as an applicant and associated with an active job posting. Now you can associate sourced or unsolicited candidates with an open requisition and not just active job postings.

How this makes your job easier

Previously you could only tie applications to an active job posting. Now there are fewer steps and the process is less cumbersome, which means it’s even easier to get your passive candidates into the system. So if you think candidate B is a good fit for requisition A, you can now match the sourced candidate to a job before you pay to post.

This feature will be turned on automatically in Versions 4.0 and higher.

Contact your CareerBuilder representative for assistance or the Support Team to turn on these new features.

Share your feedback on Applicant Tracking with our product team!

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