Applicant Tracking Introduces New Features

September 19, 2017

September 2017 Release Update 

Applicant Tracking is now able to help you meet your recruiting goals more efficiently. We added five new features to help you better filter and manage candidate profiles, as well as easily transfer candidate information between CareerBuilder products.

Integration with CareerBuilder Resume Database

Seamlessly transfer candidates from within CareerBuilder Resume Database into Applicant Tracking. Previously, the system required users to go back and forth between the ATS system and the resume database to import a candidate. Now, the new Export to ATS field allows users to attach candidates to requisitions within CareerBuilder Database.

Also, an Already in your ATS icon will now appear next to candidates that you transferred to Applicant Tracking to help avoid importing the same candidate multiple times.

Assignment Date Column

Find out exactly when a candidate was assigned to a specific requisition. The Creation Date column has been replaced with an Assignment Date column on the Requisition Assigned Candidates page. Now the recruiter will know exactly when a candidate was associated to a particular requisition, instead of the date that the candidate’s profile was created in the system.

The Creation Date column will still appear on the other Candidate List pages.

Candidate File Merge                   

Maintain consistent candidate ID data within the reporting section of Applicant Tracking. Previously, if a candidate was imported into Applicant Tracking twice, the system would create two individual candidate ID’s—which would cause inconsistencies in the Applicant Flow Log report. Now, the candidate merge file will allow for the original candidate ID to remain when duplicate candidate profiles are merged.         


Posting Status Updates

Several design changes have been made to the layout and verbiage of the Posting Status page to help with identifying the status of career site and external job postings.

  • Display posting status verbiage has been modified to be consistent with other systems (Active, Pending, Scheduled, etc.)
  • A check mark icon will now display an at-a-glance visual representation on whether or not the publication has been posted externally.
  • Job postings can now be filtered via four primary filters (All, Active, Inactive, and Error) and four sub filters under Inactive (Pending, Schedule, Expired and Deactivated).

Successful hire announcement

Affirm all the hard work that goes into hiring a candidate. A Successful Hire announcement will now appear in Applicant Tracking after a candidate has been marked as hired to congratulate your team on a job well done! 

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