Tools to recruit and hire candidates as work environments change

September 15, 2020

As businesses recover and jobs become available, we’re making it easier to employ the millions of Americans who are out of work. From putting you in front of the right candidate for your role, to optimizing the hiring process for your HR team, keep reading for the newest updates to your CareerBuilder talent acquisition suite. 

Adapting to the remote world of work 

  • Work from home jobs: We’re making it even easier to attract the top talent across the U.S. with our improved work from home jobs feature. Post work from home jobs on and your career site  directly from your ATS/job distribution tool or from within our platform.   
  • Contact job seekers – and receive higher engagement – through 2-way texting from Talent Discovery Platform. Meet candidates where they are (read: mobile) and know that open rates for SMS, on average, are about 98 percent. 

A streamlined and integrated platform connects you to candidates even faster 

  • Career sites now automatically integrate with CareerBuilder events, SocialReferral and CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking (CBAT), optimizing your employer brand, showcasing your culture and increasing event attendance (like virtual open houses or  with your vTools events).  This reduces the number of vendors and platforms you have to manage, while giving you a single view of your pipeline. 
  • And diving deeper into career site improvements, this version now has enhanced options for creating sections and adding headers. Customize how you display content that is crucial to your employer branding, and create bolder and more engaging pages for the candidates visiting your career site. Enhancements include:  
    • Multiple thumbnail swimlane, which could be utilized as a "Browse by category" or "Awards" section 
    • Give equal weight to text and graphics, with a full image swimlane on one side with full content on the other, such as a “Testimonials” section as a carousel of content 
    • Single image swimlane takes up entire swimlane  
    • Super header – place a larger and bolder image that expands the length above the fold 
    • Option to move job search box up, down, left or right so it's positioned well on header image 
    • Ability to control header background color and opacity 

Updates to applicant tracking improve recruiter efficiency and reduce time to hire 

  • We heard you – based on user feedback, we’re rolling out a new user  interface for  CBAT.  Updates should improve the workflow and efficiency of users, with more responsive and faster load times, fewer clicks between requisitions, and a cohesive look and feel with the entire CareerBuilder talent acquisition suite. 
  • Create and edit requisition workflows in CBAT have been updated. You’ll now see a single page layout (instead of the tabbed approach), allowing for a more efficient process that saves time. Plus, the “most recent message history” icon gives you a single view of both your texts and emails, and users can now send emails to candidates without a required, additional “preview” step.  
  • CBAT now integrates with payroll system Ultipro via API. Candidates who move through your applicant tracking process can stay within the same tool, added to the payroll system via API and eliminating the need to create a profile for the candidate in a separate system. 

And here’s how we’re making it easier for job seekers to find your postings, apply to open roles and connect with your company: 

  • The CareerBuilder Job Search app (available for iPhone and Android) continues to be updated to help job seekers find their perfect role. Users can now add more information to their profile, upload three different resumes and gauge their profile strength with the “Profile Completeness” tool. Having a complete profile offers better job recommendations for the candidate. Notification settings have also been updated so job seekers can better control what notifications are received and how their information is shared. 
  • Job seekers can now access saved jobs by signing-in with Facebook or Google accounts on your career site, as well as logging-in via to update their CB profile, manage preferences, update their resume and more. These authentication enhancements make it easier for job seekers to apply to jobs and manage their job search, increasing applications.  
  • Enhanced privacy and job seeker preferences give candidates control over what they share and what they receive through email proxy, designed to protect candidate privacy by replacing job seeker email addresses with hashed emails. Employers can email candidates while letting job seekers keep addresses private. It also lets job seekers manage their email subscription preferences and choose who they want to hear from. This gives job seekers more control over their privacy, reduces spam, increases candidate engagement and increases the total addressable audience for CareerBuilder clients.  
  • Job seekers will now have more control over the types of communications they receive, including choosing the type of communications they want, the channels used to contact them (email, push, SMS), and even company-level settings for communications that come directly from companies. These customized communication preferences will ensure a higher level of job seeker satisfaction, make communications more relevant and reduce unsubscribes from every CareerBuilder email, leading to more job seeker engagement and more applications for employers. 
  • A new, streamlined user interface for the job seeker profile includes adding fields for social networks and a professional summary. Certifications are now separate from skills, and job seekers can add proficiency levels to skills and languages. 

For hiring tips, strategy resources, case studies and more about how our tools Empower Employment, visit our blog at  


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