CareerBuilder CEO on Company’s Transformation, Investment in AI, and More

February 26, 2018 Debra Auerbach

There have been a lot of exciting changes at CareerBuilder over the past several years – and SHRM has taken notice. SHRM Online recently conducted a Q&A with CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson to discuss the company’s transformation into a leading HR software-as-a-service provider, as well as its goals to make AI an integral part of HR and help reskill and upskill America for the workforce of the future.

Here are three takeaways from Ferguson’s discussion with SHRM:

  • Technology is changing the labor force – and HR companies must adapt. According to Ferguson, the combination of emerging technologies, a low labor force participation rate and highly fragmented consumer audiences is making it increasingly difficult for companies to find skilled talent, which creates serious implications for revenue and productivity. In order to find talent, employers need to utilize a multi-faceted approach to build strong pipelines and keep candidates engaged. CareerBuilder shifted its focus to provide integrated, data-backed solutions that make it easier for recruiters and HR managers to do their jobs in today’s highly competitive labor market.  
  • Artificial intelligence is the future of HR, and CareerBuilder is making big investments.  CareerBuilder’s Talent Discovery platform uses the power of AI technology to match jobs to relevant candidates, tell users which candidates are the most likely to respond, and enable users to build campaigns to engage candidates. The platform reduces the hours and days recruiters spend on sourcing to minutes by centralizing all candidate information.
  • We must find different ways to prepare the current and future generation of workers for tomorrow’s workforce. Studies show technology and AI will render many of today’s jobs obsolete and require that workers evolve their skills to stay in the workforce. CareerBuilder is helping lead the way through initiatives such as RightSkill, which reskills and upskills workers in a variety of areas and places them with employers.

Read the full Q&A at SHRM Online to learn more about CareerBuilder’s transformation and what lies ahead for the company.

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