On-Demand Webinar: Ramp Up Your Recruitment Strategy with the Right Technology

January 29, 2018 Sarah Sipek

With approximately 3 billion people in the global workforce, the HR technology marketplace is constantly evolving in order to keep up—and it’s become crowded in the process. CareerBuilder research shows that the average recruiter uses over a dozen tech solutions to search for candidates.

Unfortunately, that inefficiency is costing companies great talent (and valuable time).

As a global, end-to-end human capital solutions company, CareerBuilder is committed to staying ahead of technology trends to help you recruit and hire more efficiently. Let us show you how!

Stefanie Murauskas, global solutions architect at CareerBuilder, joined Nazanin Codd, director of recruiting and human resources at HITT Contracting, to discuss how companies are using HR tech to streamline their recruitment efforts in an exclusive CareerBuilder webinar, “Ramp Up Your Recruitment Strategy with the Right Technology."

You’ll learn:

  • Top trends in talent acquisition and their impact on your HR team
  • How recruitment technology can help you hire great talent quickly
  • How one company automated their recruitment process to begin hiring more efficiently in a competitive job market

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