Easily Integrate CareerBuilder Employment Screening Within Applicant Tracking

January 27, 2017

Now you can access your drug and background screening services within your ATS to keep your workflow streamlined. We’re helping you integrate your CareerBuilder background screening services into Applicant Tracking so you can move candidates through the recruitment process — all the way through screening and testing — in one place.

Full Feature Integration. Our integration of background and drug screening within Applicant Tracking gives you access to all CareerBuilder WebACE™ features.


  • You will get alerted with a pop-up window when a candidate is moved through the workflow stage so you can select the appropriate CareerBuilder Employment Screening package to send to a candidate.
  • You can access all CareerBuilder WebACE™ features within the pop-up window.
  • You can select up to four unique reference codes to sort your results and aid your ordering process

Be mindful:

  • Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
  • If you inadvertently dismiss the pop-up window, you will have to start from step one and move the candidate through the workflow again.

With the full feature integration, you will see this screen when a candidate is at the stage in the workflow process where it’s appropriate to send a background and drug screening invitation. If you select this option, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.

Final Steps

Once WebACE™ is integrated into Applicant Tracking, you will notice an symbol to the far right of icons next to the candidate’s name on any candidate list page. When you hover over this icon, the bundled or single package updates will show “sent,” “review or “clear” depending on the results of the test. As you review a candidate’s results, you’ll notice the word “link” to the far right; you can click on the word “link” to access more information on the candidate’s results in WebACE™.

Need additional help? Contact your representative for assistance. 

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