Hit the Ground Working: Winter Product Updates to CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking

January 31, 2019 CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder has made some exciting updates to our Applicant Tracking product, designed to enhance productivity, increase efficiency and help you get time back in your day. These updates include easier access to candidate emails, the ability to mass disqualify candidates, and the option to save draft requisitions.

Details below:

New Email Notification: Users will now see an icon at the top menu bar, showing them they have a new incoming candidate email. This enhancement provides one place for the user to review all emails received as part of our two-way email integration. 

Candidate Mass Dispositioning: Users are now able to disqualify a candidate on one or more assigned requisitions at the same time, from a single popup prompt, saving time and requiring fewer clicks.

Draft Requisition: Users can now start a requisition and save it as a draft to edit later, as well as view a list of draft requisitions. ASave Draft” button has been added to the “Edit Requisition” page that allows users to save the new requisition as a draft after entering a job title. A “Draft List” page has also been created, which lists all requisitions in draft form. Users can access this page from the “Requisitions” option in the main navigation menu.  

Looking for more information about these Applicant Tracking updates? Check out our webinar on the topic.

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