No Time to Hire? 9 Reasons You Need an Applicant Tracking System

October 18, 2017 Mary Lorenz

If it feels as though it takes longer to recruit and hire candidates than it used to, it’s not your imagination: According to CareerBuilder research, 44 percent of HR managers and hiring managers say the recruitment process is longer today than 10 years ago.

While a longer recruiting process can help to ensure you bring in the best people for your organization (and avoid costly hiring mistakes), it can also be a double-edged sword. Waiting too long to hire in today’s competitive hiring environment can mean missing out on in-demand talent. So what’s the solution?

That’s where an ATS can help. Today’s applicant tracking systems are designed to help employers manage every part of the recruiting process, helping them streamline their workflows, create more efficiency and reduce time to hire – without sacrificing quality.

Applicant tracking systems aren’t just for large companies, either. Companies of every size are taking advantage of these time-saving benefits of using an ATS:  

9 Time-Saving Benefits of Using an ATS 

  1. No more going back and forth. An applicant tracking system enables you to manage the entire recruiting process in one, single platform, saving you the time (and frustration) of going back and forth between multiple systems.
  2. Say goodbye to menial tasks. An ATS gives you the ability to automate tasks that often eat up time in your day and create customized workflows. Take care of everything from distributing jobs to scheduling interviews to retrieving candidate information in just a few clicks. 
  3. Speed up screening time. Screening resumes and sorting applications is among the most time-consuming tasks involved in the hiring process. An ATS cuts down much of this work by automatically identifying and sorting the resumes that meet specified criteria, while screening out the resumes that don’t.
  4. Communicate quickly and easily. An ATS makes it easy to keep candidates, recruiters and hiring managers informed and up to date at every stage of the hiring process, thanks to automated emails and real-time notifications.
  5. Identify internal candidates quickly. In addition to helping you screen incoming applications, a quality ATS can help you identify qualified candidates already in your database, thanks to resume-matching technology and sophisticated search technology.
  6. Eliminate confusion. The more people involved in the recruitment process, the more chances for miscommunication and confusion to ensue. With an ATS, you can easily track others’ activity, share information and delegate tasks – all in one, centralized location.
  7. Minimize human error. An automated ATS can help minimize the risk of human error associated with manual data entry, such as typos, duplicates or misplaced information, all of which can set you back in the hiring process.
  8. Streamline your recruiting process. A good quality applicant tracking system will have data and analytics tools that enable you to track performance and understand what about your process is working – and what needs improvement.
  9. Reduce time to hire. An ATS can notify you automatically when new applicants have applied, enabling you to act quickly. Moreover, some applicant tracking systems work in tandem with your career site to help you build your talent pipeline with top talent, so you aren’t scrambling to fill a position when a vacancy arises.

The benefits of using an ATS don’t end here. Saving time also means saving money and lowering costs associated with time to hire. If you aren’t seeing any of these benefits from your current ATS, it may be time for an upgrade.

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