How CareerBuilder grew employee referrals by 30%

CareerBuilder helps other companies find, hire and manage employees – but how do we do that for ourselves?

When CareerBuilder sales leaders were tasked with making 100 hires in three months – increasing headcount by 50% – they utilized innovative technology to tackle a tight labor market, employee engagement and developing an employer brand.

CareerBuilder's SocialReferral tool allowed the team to exceed its hiring goals by focusing on these three areas.

Build and share an authentic employer brand
SocialReferral allowed the sales and HR teams to own CareerBuilder’s online presence and collaboratively shape its employment story with current employees. Not only is employee-posted content shared 25x more frequently with 8x more engagement, it leads to an authentic employer brand. Part of that brand for CareerBuilder was keeping candidate experience top of mind, making it easy to connect with the company through SocialReferral brand ambassadors.

Engage employees as recruiters
For social media posts to be the most effective and sincere, the sales and HR teams educated current employees about the hiring goals, and empowered workers to share their experiences. This also required aligning with internal stakeholders – like our training and development team – to ensure this external push was a genuine (positive) reflection of working at CareerBuilder.

Focus on employee referrals
The overarching strategy for the CareerBuilder team to make its hiring numbers was employee referrals. Deploying SocialReferral – and other technology such as candidate texting – was in service of that goal. Candidates referred by employees are hired 55% quicker and 13% more likely to stay at your company long-term. Our leaders knew it was essential to leverage employee networks and engage their teams in the recruiting process.

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