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September 16, 2020

Every month, CareerBuilder releases updates to our tools, and this latest round (implemented on September 15), includes a few major upgrades to the overall user experience. By focusing on this aspect – for both the recruiter and job seeker – we're building a better matching process for everyone. 

As the only HR tech company with both the technology and candidates you need, CareerBuilder is helping businesses like yours navigate The Great Rehire. 

Be seen and encourage applications 

Career sites are a great way to show off your company’s personality and reinforce that a job can be more than just a paycheck, and typically experience 23% more applicants than jobs posted through an ATS or agency.  

And now, your team can add even more ways to share a strong employer brand and feature your company culture by integrating with SocialReferral and our virtual hiring event tools. Give candidates a glimpse into office life by sharing your employee-driven feed or hosting a virtual open house, and customize how you display content with improved design functionalities. In a labor market of candidates applying to any open role, sharing as much about your unique team as possible can go a long way in finding the right person for the job.  

Interested candidates can see what you’re all about as an employer, all in one spot, and apply to relevant open roles.  

Move candidates through the entire hiring process in one system 

Our newest features to the CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking tool are designed to provide a friction-less experience for job seekers and recruiters. We know that juggling multiple platforms leads to candidate drop-off, missed information and too much time spent on admin duties.  

So, based on user feedback, CBAT matches the look and feel of our entire talent acquisition suite and integrates with your career site. This should improve efficiency, with more responsive and faster load times, as well as fewer clicks between requisitions. Reducing the overall time you spend on little things like creating, editing and switching between requisitions all adds up to chipping away at your total time to hire. You’ll get candidates placed and hired faster with one seamless platform. 

Streamline the onboarding process 

To top it off, CBAT now integrates with payroll system Ultipro. Eliminate the need to create a new candidate profile in a completely separate system – simplifying your process, improving the candidate experience and strengthening your hiring process. 

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