The 5-Minute Test to Check Your Candidate Experience Strategy

June 22, 2017 Sarah Sipek


Candidate experience is important — both employers and candidates can agree on that. But where they don’t see eye-to-eye is on how well employers are doing at creating an optimal candidate experience.

CareerBuilder’s Candidate Experience Study found that while 78 percent of employers feel that they do a good job of setting expectations upfront and communicating throughout the hiring process, only 47 percent of candidates share the sentiment.

At the end of the day, if candidates don’t like your process, it needs to change. Take the following steps to determine if your current candidate experience strategy is a winner.

Apply to one of your own jobs. Only 1 in 3 employers have applied to one of their companies’ jobs to see what the process is like. Don’t leave so much to chance! Experiencing firsthand which stages of the job search and hiring processes are the most frustrating for candidates can help you address these weak links in your candidate experience going forward.

Communicate more. Candidates want to hear from you — 81 percent say employers continuously communicating status updates to them would greatly improve the overall experience. So don’t leave them hanging.

Make sure you’re sending follow-up emails to confirm their application was received. New technology allows you to automate this process, so there’s no excuse not to respond. Candidates also find it helpful when you clearly explain your communication expectations in the job description so they know what to expect from the get-go.

Revamp your career site. Poor career sites cause a great deal of frustration to candidates. And candidates extrapolate a lot from that negative experience. The majority of candidates — 56 percent — say that they can tell what it would be like to work for a company based on their career site.

Your career site should be easy to navigate and offer pertinent information to candidates that will help through the application process and beyond.

Consider investing in an ATS. Not only can candidate management systems add hours back into your day, they make it easy to have ongoing communication with candidates. An applicant tracking system can help you improve action and engagement — which are the most reported frustrations among candidates.

The results speak for themselves — 78 percent of employers utilizing an ATS said that recruitment and human capital management technology makes finding great talent easier than ever.

Is your candidate experience strategy not up to snuff? Check out our guide on how ATS technology can help you create a great candidate experience. 

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