Introducing: applicant tracking (ATS) lite

Matt Tarpey


You asked for an ATS just for you, and we're delivering: CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking (CBAT) Lite is an applicant tracking system for lean teams with implementation under 30 days, access for unlimited users, built-in strategy, easy process standardization and a price that's a fraction of other systems. 

We created CBAT Lite to answer the specific needs of lean teams, which is why CBAT Lite offers the same useful ATS  services as our standard CBAT, but in a more affordable package and with a shorter implementation time. You get a product with all the bells and whistles, but focused on only the bells and whistles you really need.

If you're already familiar with the standard version of our time-tested CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking system, you know it's a powerful, comprehensive tool with countless customizable features, such as real-time strategic data and reports, and fully configurable workflows. You may also know all that customization comes with a price and a longer implementation timeline worthy of it. That's time many lean teams don’t have, with services many don't need.

CBAT Lite aims to help your lean team work faster and smarter and make of the most of your time and budget. In addition to the above features, it also includes:

  • CB standard Talent Network/your career site
  • CB Employment Screening integration
  • Job distribution
  • 3 workflow options to choose from
  • ATS Sync
  • OFCCP reporting
  • Search and match
  • Access for unlimited users
  • Social Referral campaign tool
  • Outlook 2-way integration
  • Texting 

Ready to learn more about CBAT Lite? Complete the blue form on this page to schedule a free demo.

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