4 tech investments to drive candidate growth

May 28, 2019

These days, HR teams are often expected to do more with less. So, when you do get the opportunity to invest in new HR technology, it’s important to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. But with so many tools out there designed for a wide variety of HR needs, how do you choose?

To help simplify these decisions, here are four types of HR technology (including a few examples from the CareerBuilder family) that you should consider investing in. 

1. Applicant tracking – There’s a reason organization experts like Marie Kondo are so popular – staying organized is hard. Not to mention time-consuming. But sorting your laundry and putting away the dishes is nothing compared to keeping track of your company’s hiring needs. Luckily, applicant tracking systems (ATS) are designed to make that daunting task more manageable. By running your hiring process through an ATS, you’re able to hire better candidates faster, improve your candidate experience, and focus more of your time on big-picture tasks, like recruitment strategy.

2. Sourcing – In a tight labor market, you can’t rely on the right candidates to come to you – you’ve got to get proactive as well. Investing in a quality sourcing platform gives you access to new talent pools and allows you to reach passive candidates who may not otherwise find your job postings. Some sourcing platforms, like CareerBuilder’s Talent Discovery, help you easily manage communication with candidates and even match your job posting with relevant resumes. That makes searching for talent faster and easier.

3. Branding – We know, Instagram influencers have almost made “branding” feel like a dirty word. Yet, improving the way your company brands itself can have a significant impact on applicant quality and quantity. Job seekers now have the luxury of doing research on a company before even applying. So, having positive reviews on sites such as Glassdoor can have new applicants’ resumes hitting your inbox at a higher volume. Going forward, try out one of these tech-savvy tools from Undercover Recruiter that can help you craft the perfect message about your employment brand.

4. Referrals – It may seem old fashioned, but referrals are a whole lot easier when you have a system already in place. Especially in a digital format, like these major companies have done with great success. In general, encouraging referrals within your company is a major plus: not only do your employees feel like their voice matters, but it’s great for growing your overall talent pool. Before you get into the technological aspect, setting out clear-cut parameters in the employee referral system will provide consistency in the type of work culture you’re striving for. When it comes to implementation, tools like Social Referral can help get more referred candidates rolling in today.


Doing your research before implementing any of these tech solutions will help you achieve your hiring goals faster with less effort. There’s no single remedy in the world of generating candidate growth, but understanding their main drivers will help you hit your metrics and get new employees in the door faster.


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